Filming locations Guide: Where was Pet Sematary filmed? The House of the 2019 movie

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Set in the small town of Ludlow (Maine), Pet Sematary was filmed on location in Quebec, Canada. The studio work was done in Mel's Studios and Postproduction (Montreal).

Based on Stephen King's terrifying supernatural tale, Pet Sematary is a new adaptation of the story about a pet cemetery. A family moves from Boston to a rural village in Maine and discovers a pet graveyard across the street of their new house. The burial site is made by children (who misspelled the word on the sign). An old neighbour claims that the animals buried there have seen come back to life.

Pet Sematary location

The movie is co-directed by Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch, who have worked together on the indie horror movies Starry Eyes and Holidays. The film stars Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, Amy Seimetz, Jeté Laurence and a bunch of cats playing the Creed family cat, Winston Churchill.

Here are the most relevant filming locations of Pet Sematary:

Ludlow Maine
Ludlow is set in Hudson, a small suburb of Montreal. The sign 'Welcome to Ludlow' was placed on Main Road, in front of the community centre. Part of the set dressing included temporary changes to business storefronts in the downtown core.
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Image courtesy of Paramount and Google Maps

The Pet Sematary house

Pet Sematary town
The red farmhouse used as the Creed house is a private property situated on the little village of Saint-Lazare near Hudson in Montreal. Image courtesy of Paramount - Map Location

Ludlow Pet Sematary
The most important location in King’s novel is the infamous cemetery. visited the set and reported that the sematary was built in a big, open clearing deep into the woods, in the grounds of the house.

Friedhof der Kuscheltiere drehort
The church and the graveyard where the funeral takes place is the St James Church Hall in Hudson main street.
Image courtesy of Paramount and Google Maps

Pet Sematary house
Thanks to Robert from Set-Jetter for finding Rachel’s house location: The mansion is nearly right across the street from the church at 647 rue Main in Hudson. This house was also featured in the 1981 film Happy Birthday To Me. Image courtesy of Paramount - Map

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  1. ello everyone, I'm a big fan of horror movies and I'd like to know how you can tell me in private. your city in summer 2018 HUDSON, Québec Canada for the movie * Pet Samatary * Shooting movies by taking a souvenir photo of each place :)

    PS: If you have other locations about * Living Cemetery * that does not include CREED HOUSE ... I'd be happy to have them too! PS: I give you my email for those who can give me the exact adress in private! Thank you Sincerely Simon

  2. My email for the previous post about the location of Pet Samatary is

    THANK YOU :)

  3. Wtf shoot a movie in Canada but based in Maine? Makes no sense

    1. I was thinking the same thing...first one was filmed in Maine why not this one?

    2. cheaper to film in canada plus that area of quebec looks alot like maine .not that far away

    3. If you think that it "makes no sense" for a movie to be filmed somewhere other than the place in which the script is set, then you are incredibly naive and do not know much at all about movie production, financing, and location scouting. Filming a movie in a location other than the one that the script is set in is quite common practice.

    4. *spoiler alert* This person probably also believes that the girl in the movie killed her family and burned an infant to death in a car in real life!

  4. I live in the area and the Creed house is not too difficult to find with Google maps! There are only a few roads that are that narrow and have lots of trees. Street View shows the house that matches the movie pictures. The Hospital is John Abbot College in Saint Anne de Bellevue. It looked odd as a hospital with so many students at the main entrance. Not the first time it was in a movie.

    1. Hello Efzauner! can you give us another hint plz! I just want to drive in front of it. Like lets take as a point of reference the "Cooper Aviation Inc - Saint-Lazare Airport" is it to the north/south east or west of this airport! You're hint will be deeply appreciated! Have a nice 2021!

    2. This is the location: 45°25'31.80"N 74°12'38.73"W

  5. That sign says "WECOME TO LUDLOW" Established 1774. Is a picture of the sign in ludlow, Mass. I graduated from ludlow high in 1974, our bicentennial year.
    Looked up ludlow me. And there pop. Figures go back to mid 1800s?
    I thought I recognized the sign. And it might be on center st
    Sidewalk, architecture, church look familiar.
    Pretty sure the welcome to ludlow sign was taken in ludlow Ma.

  6. Rachel's house is right across the street from the cemetery and located at 647 Rue Main, see my website here:

    This house was also Virginia's house in Happy Birthday To Me (1981).


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