Welcome to Paper Moon, Montana: Where was Juanita filmed?

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This independent film, inspired by Sheila Williams's book Dancing on the Edge, tells the story of Juanita, a 'ghetto cliché', as she describes herself to the camera.

One day Juanita decides to leave her pointless life back in Columbus (Meade, Ohio), to start over somewhere else. To do so, she embarks on a Greyhound bus to Butte (Montana), the first place that she randomly picks off the map.

Where is Paper Moon Montana

Alfre Woodard (12 Years a Slave, Desperate Housewives) stars in the movie along with Blair Underwood playing himself (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Quantico), and Adam Beach (Suicide Squad, Arctic Air).

The film is directed by Clark Johnson, who worked in series like The Wire or Alpha House.

Juanita is set in Ohio and Montana, but it was filmed in several locations around Virginia, including Petersburg, Bedford, Richmond, and Waverly. In addition, the last scene was shot in California.

Here are some of the most relevant filming locations of this Netflix production:

Paper Moon Montana
If you are looking for the location of the lovely Chez Paper Moon French restaurant in Montana, you'll find it at 9058 Big Island Highway, in Bedford.

According to the local newspaper Bedford Bulletin, the filmmakers rented the business, called the Millstone Tea Room, to shoot for a week.
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Image courtesy of Netflix - Google Maps

Juanita movie house
To get to Millie's Boarding House from the restaurant, you don't really need a ride: it's just behind it!
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

where is Paper Moon
And where is Butte? in the movie, the bus drops Juanita in front of Heretick Feed & Seed, an animal feed store located at 201 Bollingbrook Street in Petersburg.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Restaurant scene
However, the diner where Juanita meets Peaches is Cowlings Barbeque in Waverly.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Juanita Netflix Beach
The final scene of Juanita on the beach was shot in Santa Monica State Beach, near the iconic Santa Monica Pier.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Jelson25 - Map

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and the scenery! Makes me want to be there!

  2. This movie was fantastic! I like to watch very few movies more than once and I will definitely watch this one again. The story line was great and the fictional locations were also amazing. One question though; why CG telephone poles and things in the Heretick's Feed and Seed scene? Dumb question but its my personal curiosity, most definitely not critisism in the least.

    1. I first saw this movie in Spring 2019 with the intent of getting on the road with my dogs. Then I had back surgery. I've seen this may six times. Now its winter 2020 and my daughter is dead, if only I had left last year and she could have stayed at my house instead. This movie tells me " I wish I coulda, woulda, shoulda". Something I don't like to say.

  3. Just finished watching this movie and enjoyed it!!!

  4. Me encanto la movie y me gustaria visitar esos sitios, tengo algo en comun con Juanita siempre he querido cojer una guagua y salir asi sin ningun destino solo conocer mundo y gente

  5. I loved the movie, but would there be a part 2 ? A better ending would have been nice :(

  6. Enjoyed the movie, As a woman I sure relate to Juanita.. Amazing story lines and I would love to see more of Juanita talking to the camera..

  7. This movie is me! My sons grown family of their own, I always wanted to travel West in the mountain, he blessed by a Sharman. But have hubby and helping with grandkids my oldest was working and had a van. He had chest pains thought anxiety turned into emergency spinal surgery, now hard to walk with a cane lost his job and his van, praying disability go thru soon to see him smile and be independent again with a van The writer of this book and movie which I watched everyday, it's calming, love the singing in the bus. Thank you for helping me dream again, it will be a bus or train in my dream. Weekend at Bernie's 2 was filmed in my island At Thomas, St John U.S. Virgin islands, that's why I want to see more of America so much to discover!

  8. I enjoyed Juanita's journey in self-discovery and self-care. So many women speed their lives taking care of everyone but themselves; sometimes unintentionally adding to the disfunction of those we try to help. Airline's give instructions before trying to help someone else with their air mask; put your mask on first.
    That's the message from Juanita that resonates with me; an empty vessel can't give anything; so fill yourself with the things that you enjoy and lifts your spirits so you can continue to give. I would love to know if she returned to Paper Moon and Jesse. I thought when he told her how she turned his business around she saw that as another person "needing" her; and she had already left that situation behind. Hope there is a second movie, really enjoyed her journey of self-exploration. So many of us never get to do that, we just keep doing the best we can where we are.

  9. Lugar lindo ainda vou conhecer. Linda mensagem!

  10. I like this movie, it was a big inspiration. After watching it, I went on an adventure myself!


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