Brief compitlation of odd and funny signs found in 10 years of travel

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And now for some wonders completely different. After many years of traveling photography, folders of pictures about funny, quirky and other peculiar situations have been piling up in a corner of the desktop. The Internet is full of stuff like this, but who cares. This is our stuff, we've been there, and today has come the time to bring some of them to the light.

The fact is that the last thing one should lose is not hope, but the sense of humor. When you are in certain circumstances out there and everything goes wrong, sometimes the only thing that can save you (and that you have left) is to make fun of the consequences of your bad decisions.

There are countries that perform better than others producing such situations, but I prefer not to go into details. By the way, this time the Spanish version of this post it is almost totally different - you can take a look clicking here.

Nazi Apartments
Looking führer good time? You've come to the reich place. Accommodation in Ulcinj, Montenegro.
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Supermarket Fart
Just don't push the cart too hard. Seen in Tczew, Poland.

Shkodër Albania
Have a nice strip... poker? - Shkodër, Albania.

Funny signs
Hot business in Hanoi, Vietnam.

odd signs
Note that this shop is open 224 hours. Lviv, Ukraine.

Genuine fake watches
Legit business. Ephesus, Turkey.

No climbing
- What did one pyramid say to the other? How's your mummy! - Giza, Egypt.

Erection Specialists
Erection Specialists building company. Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Urban poetry
Burn baby burn. Urban poetry in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Titanic travel agency
Titanic travel agency in Berlin, Germany.

Kebab fail
Kebab from the exotic country of pyramids and camels, Turkey. Seen in Krasnystaw, Poland.

Outdated mosque
Mosque in the need of an update. Kandovan, Iran

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