Filming Locations: Where was Macbeth Filmed?

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Here's a look at some of the stunning locations of the highly-anticipated new adaptation of Macbeth. The William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy is timeless, no matter how much time goes by since it was written. It will be always there to remind us of the consequences of the lust for power and destructive ambition.

The Australian director Justin Kurzel is in charge of a production led by the Holywood stars Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and Elizabeth Debicki. The quality of this film is backed by the enthusiastic reception that it got at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where Macbeth was competing for the prestigious Palme d'Or.

The play is set in Scotland (as the Mac prefix to family names suggests), and filming took place there and also in England:

Macbeth Ely
We start in Ely (England), with this shot inside the bright and spacious cathedral’s Lady Chapel...
Image by Diliff

Macbeth Filming Locations
...transformed into a dark ceremonial hall.
Image courtesy of StudioCanal

Where was Macbeth filmed
Don't miss out the chance to visit this magnificent monument in Cambridgeshire. If you like medieval architecture, you'll soon appreciate why this is a truly unique, out-of-series building.
Image by Cloud-cuckoo-land

Film locations for Macbeth
These Romanesque arches are the perfect background for the scenes taking place in a room of the castle. You can find this space in a corner close to the main facade, inside the South-West transept.
Image courtesy of StudioCanal

Macbeth Cathedral
Ely Cathedral has been a filming location for many major productions, like the new TV series The Crown, the movies Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The King's Speech, and even the science-fiction film Jupiter Ascending.
Image by Andrew Macpherson

Macbeth 2015 Location
Image courtesy of StudioCanal

Macbeth Castle
Bamburgh Castle, halfway between Edinburgh and Newcastle, is featuring as Macbeth’s castle.
Image courtesy of StudioCanal

Macbeth Beach
A crew of around 200 extras was used for the sequences filmed along the beautiful Northumberland coastline.
Image by Llewellyn Jenkins

Scene location Macbeth
Also some scenes were filmed inside the grounds of the castle, and all of them during the hard and windy winter characteristic of this region. Image courtesy of StudioCanal

Shooting locations Macbeth
The lands around Hankley Common in Elstead (Surrey) were used to set a small village, intended to be Inverness in Scotland. Image courtesy of StudioCanal

Macbeth England
Also in Hankley Common was built and filmed the full-scale family house of James Bond for Skyfall.
Image by Morgan Masters

Macbeth filming Scotland
We move to Scotland: to the world class scenery and wilderness of the Quiraing, in the Island of Skye. The production was filming here on the cloudy February of 2014. Image by Michael Ebner

Macbeth Movie Locations
At least it seems that this time we won't see the massive standing stone of The Old Man of Storr again, that has been used as a background in many other films in the last years, like Prometheus.
Image courtesy of StudioCanal

Macbeth Landscapes
Following this link you can find a comprehensive route through the island of Skye, one of the most beautiful landscapes that you can visit in Europe. Image by Eduard Garcia

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