Scala dei Turchi beach in Sicily

Scala dei Turchi beach
Also known as The Turkish Steps, this is one of the most unique beaches in the world. Now that summer is over in the Northern Hemisphere of this cosmic ball where we are all living, we fancy to look at some sun-kissed scenes before to fall into the darkness of the new season.

This is just one more of the many beauties that Italy treasures. We are near Agrigento, in the triangular island of Sicily:

Scala dei Turchi
Perfect setting for an ad of vacuum cleaners.
Image by Matteo Mignani

Turkish Steps
The cliff is shaped as a natural terrace looking towards Africa.
Image by Angelo Milioto

Turkish Steps beach
Tempting, isn't it?
Image by Carnby

white staircase sculpted by erosion
A white staircase sculpted by erosion over the blues and greens of the Mediterranean.
Imagen Sandy Kirchlechner

The stands from above
The stands from above.
Image by Francesco Rubino

Summer postcard
And now from below.
Image by Mirko

Top beaches Italy
From the sand beach... ok, this is getting silly. Now just enjoy the pics, please.
Image by Lahiri Cappello

Scala dei Turchi spiaggia Image by Edoardo Costa

Taking a photo with a fancy hat Image by Libertinus

Turkish Steps Sicily
The trail of the backbone.
Image by Matteo Mazzoni

Top Beach Sicily
Ciao bella!
Image by Francesco Rubino

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