Lena Pillars, Siberian beauties

Lena Pillars
Along the right bank of the Lena, the great Siberian river, a wondrous geological landmark awaits the few travelers that make all the way up here. Miles and miles of stone pillars, between 500 to 1,000 feet tall, create a graceful and unique spectacle that in 2012 achieved the highest distinction for a monument, becoming a new UNESCO World Heritage site.

There are many images from Lena Pillars Nature Park (Lenskiye Stolby) in Russia available online, but not so many taken from an aerial perspective, and as beautiful as this comprehensive and fabulous collection. All of them are courtesy of Eugene Kaspersky, the same guy providing my current antivirus:

Lena Pillars Nature Park
The brutal range of temperatures here (from -60°C to 40°C), along with the action of the elements, have sculpted these impressive giants along the time. A ridiculous amount of years ago (during the Cambrian), this area was deep ocean. Now many interesting fossils of primitive life can be found in the rocks.

The cliffs near the river
These rock formations have inflamed the imagination of explorers, poets and shepherds alike for centuries.

Lenskiye Stolby
Lena pillars resemble fortifications, high towers, spires. Also giants and mythological creatures if you feel inspired enough.

Yakutia, Yakutsk
To get there you can fly to Yakutsk, the capital of the region Yakutia, also known as Sakha Republic.

Lena'S Stone Pillars
Tourists can take a cruise up the river, Lena stone pillars are about 140km from Yakutsk going south.

Boat ferry near the cliffs
Some travellers take the opportunity to come here after visiting the popular Lake Baikal, at nearly 900 miles southeast.

Aerial view with the river
But the best views are for the few ones that can afford a premium ride in a helicopter.

Lena Pillars from the air
Then you have the chance to capture the colors and shapes from a magnificent perspective.

Sinyaya river
With a helicopter you can also enjoy the banks of the tributaries of the Lena, like the Sinyaya and Buotama rivers.

Siberian beauties
There are miles and miles of wild land yet to be properly discovered, at least to the eyes of the Internet!

Siberia Tundra Exploration
Imagine getting lost here.

Siberian Landscape
I'm pleased to see that there are still some beautiful areas of the planet that we haven't ruined yet.

Siberia Travel

Shamanism in Siberia
Back to the ground. Practising shamanism in Siberia has been continued until nowadays.

Shaman Siberia
Why not try a different kind of journey, now that you have come so far?

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