Where was Big Little Lies Filmed?

The life of three mothers of first-graders living in a small oceanside town seem to be perfect. However, little by little, they are involved in issues like infidelity, domestic violence, bullying and even murder.

The is a story based on the novel of the same title by Liane Moriarty. The starring trio is interpreted by Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley. All the seven episodes of these limited series are directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and writed by David E. Kelley.

Big Little Lies was filmed basically around Monterey, California. The book is set in Australia, but HBO selected this great location as it provides gorgeous scenery and sites that you don't see often in movies and TV:

Big Little Lies Locations
The American version of the the fictional Pirriwee Peninsula near Sydney, are the seaside settings of Monterey, where the production was shooting for 20 days. Image by courtesy of HBO

Big Little Lies Filming Locations
Pictured (and in the previous photo with Jane, Madeline and Celeste), the colorful historic buildings of Fisherman’s Wharf. Image by Robert Shea

Big Little Lies filmed in Monterey
Del Monte Beach can be seen in several scenes.
Image by Ann R Kennedy

Where did they filmed Big Little Lies
Screencap with a view of the spectacular Bixby Creek Bridge, on California's Pacific Coast Highway.
Image by courtesy of HBO

Where is Big Little Lies shot
The crew was also filming in Garrapata State Park and Big Sur.
Image by David Iliff

Big Little Lies town
One of the characters live in a sumptuous house located in Carmel Highlands.
Image by courtesy of HBO

Big Little Lies Location
Carmel is overlooking the wonderful scenic seascape of Point Lobos State Reserve.
Image by Steve Alexander

Shooting locations Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies was also spotted filming at Malibu Canyon and Mulholland Hwy in Calabasas.
Image by Daniel Pouliot

Big Little Lies HBO series location
We are back to Monterey Peninsula. A scene was filmed at Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove.
Image by Fred Moore

Where was Big Little Lies filmed in Monterey
A screenshot from the trailer inside Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Image by courtesy of HBO

Where was Big Little Lies made
Another confirmed filming location is The Colton Hall Museum.
Image by Ann R Kennedy

Big Little Lies Setting
Some more scenes were shot along the coast promenade, although we are not yet sure about the exact locations.
Image by Ann R Kennedy
Can you help find the missing filming locations of Big Little Lies?
To complete this report, any feedback, suggestions or images that you may have are more than welcome, thank you!

If you are enjoying the show, we highly recommend the brilliant and smart book by Liane Moriarty Big Little Lies that inspires the series (just check out the great reviews it has been getting following this link).

For further information about the beautiful area where Big Little Lies is set, there is available an excellent guide from Moon Handbooks Monterey & Carmel including Santa Cruz and Big Sur.

Finally, here is a link to watch all the episodes online as they are released in Amazon:


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  1. Could you please try to locate the house in which Celeste (Nicole Kidman)lives? It looks gorgeous.


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