Where was A Good Girl's Guide to Murder filmed? The real Little Kilton town location

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Set in the fictional town of Little Kilton, A Good Girl's Guide to Murder was filmed in and around Bristol.

Based on Holly Jackson's hit novels, the series follows young schoolgirl Pippa Fitz-Amobi, played by Emma Myers, previously known for her roles in Wednesday and Family Switch.

Emma Myers as Pip

As Pip uncovers hidden secrets and faces escalating threats, she discovers a complex web of lies that challenges the official narrative.

Welcome to Little Kilton and our spoiler-free guide to all the filming locations of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder. You'll find the locations in order of appearance.

The real Little Kilton town

Little Kilton
Axbridge, a charming town in Somerset, doubles as Little Kilton, in Buckinghamshire.

Known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and historic market square, Axbridge and its stunning church are featured in many establishing shots.
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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder city
Director and Executive Producer Dolly Wells said they were looking for a town that was neither too small nor too big, with the woods and countryside landscapes surrounding it.

Life in Little Kilton revolves around the pretty central square, from which Main and West Streets (pictured) extend.
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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder location
Andie Bell's mural was a set located next to the splendid 13th century Gothic St. John's Church on the main square.
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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder house
Pippa's family house is a cozy cottage in the small village of Langford, about 14 miles southwest of Bristol.

Named Acacia House, this gorgeous three-bedroom detached home has an approximate market value of £390,000.

A separate area of the property is available for rent on Airbnb. This is a private residence. This is a private residence - if you are visiting, please be considerate of the owners' property.
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Fairview High School
Little Kilton's Fairview High School is actually the Redmaids' High School in Westbury on Trym near Bristol.

In the American version, the novels are set in the also fictional town of Fairview, Connecticut.
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Little Kilton Corner Store
The Little Kilton Corner Store is the Costcutter convenience store on Redland Road, Bristol.
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Fairview Connecticut
Cara and his father, teacher Elliot Ward, live in a terraced house on Daisy Bank in Bath.

The production was based at The Bottle Yard Studios, where some of the interiors were filmed.
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Calamity party
In the third episode, the Calamity party was filmed in the Redcliffe Caves in the center of Bristol.

This network of man-made underground tunnels and chambers was originally used as quarries for red sandstone and air raid shelters during World War II.

Today, they are occasionally open to the public for tours and events, offering a glimpse into Bristol's industrial and wartime history.
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Hillgrove Porter Stores
The pub where Ravi (played by Zain Iqbal) works as a barman is the Hillgrove Porter Stores in Kingsdown, Bristol.

Featuring beautiful stained glass windows, this traditional pub serves a wide range of ales and craft beers.
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Wilson's Bread Shop
The Wilson's Cafe is the Wilson's Bread Shop, located on the same street as the convenience store in Redland.
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Ivy House Hotel
The Ivy House Hotel is actually the Berwick Lodge, a luxurious boutique hotel and wedding venue located near Bristol.

Set in a grand Georgian building surrounded by landscaped gardens, you can stay in the magnificent suite with the same tiles that appear in the series for about £200 ($260).
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Little Kilton A Good Girl's Guide to Murder
The Bell family home is located at 1 Trossachs Drive in Bath.

This elegant property is a four-bedroom detached house spreading over 1,916 square feet, with a market value of approximately £1,223,000 (more than a million and a half dollars).
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