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Considered one of the BBC's biggest shows in the last few years, Vigil was filmed in Scotland and Morocco.

The second season swapped the depths of the ocean for the arid, desert landscapes of the fictional Middle Eastern country of Wudyan, and a Royal Navy submarine for drones.

Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie

Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie reprise their roles as Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva and Sergeant Kirsten Longacre, respectively.

Egyptian-British actor Amir El-Masry joins the cast as MI5 intelligence officer Daniel Ramsay.

Welcome to Wudyan and our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Vigil. Starting with season two, you'll find the locations in order of appearance, with season one below in the report.

Where is Wudyan?

Wudyan Vigil
As the series is set in an oil-rich dictatorship in the Middle East, the showrunners decided to create an invented location specifically for the series.

All the scenes taking place in Wudyan were filmed in Morocco. The Al Shawka Airbase is actually the Royal Moroccan Air Force base at Kenitra.

This location was also featured in Michael Bay and John Krasinski's 2016 film 13 Hours and the Korean big-budget 2021 production Escape from Mogadishu.
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  Image courtesy of BBC - Map

British Air Force Dundair Air Weapons Range
The equally fictional Dundair Air Weapons Range base was partly filmed at the Glasgow And Lanarkshire Battalion Army Cadets in Cambuslang, located about six miles south-east of Glasgow city centre.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

ICI plant in Ardeer
But the drone shooting range with sand dunes was filmed at the now derelict ICI plant in Ardeer - the control panel for operating the drones shows a map of North Ayrshire.

According to one of our readers (thank you, Deirdre), the site used to be a dynamite factory. The area was landscaped to withstand blasts and provide cover, making it suitable for military scenarios.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Drones flying over a ruined house
The drones fly over the ruins of what was the factory's staff canteen, known as Africa House.

Journalist Firas Ziman operates his own drone in the dunes near the fenced-off ICI site, next to the cement seawalls.

Vigil police station
The headquarters of the fictional Scottish Police Service were filmed at the Lanarkshire Campus of the University of the West of Scotland.

This modern educational complex is located on the outskirts of Hamilton.
Image courtesy of BBC and Google Maps

Vigil school
The scene where Amy takes Poppy to school was filmed outside the Nuvu Innovation School next to the Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow.
Image courtesy of BBC and Google Maps

Squinty Bridge Glasgow
The Clyde Arc over the River Clyde in Glasgow, also known as the Squinty Bridge, appears in several establishing shots throughout the series.

Opened in 2006, this iconic bridge resembles a squint or a wink, hence its nickname.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

The Avonbridge hotel
The Avonbridge is a real three-star hotel in Hamilton, located in the south-east of Glasgow.

You can stay in this comfortable accommodation for around £65 per night. SAS experience not included.
Image courtesy of BBC and Google Maps

In the second episode, Amy Silva travels to Wudyan to continue the investigation.

They land at the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca.

The scene in the taxi with modern buildings and a tramway was filmed in Casablanca Finance City, with the new CFC tower.
Image courtesy of BBC - Maps: Airport / Skyscraper

Vigil location
In Glasgow, Kirsten and Daniel search for more clues in a building on Burghead Place in Linthouse.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Coatbridge Glasgow
However, the sequence in the block of flats was filmed in the area of Williams and Calder Streets in Coatbridge.

Located northeast of Glasgow in North Lanarkshire, Coatbridge is a historic industrial town known for its ironworks and coal mining heritage.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Moulay Youssef Mosque in Casablanca
The minaret of the mosque in the fourth episode is from the Moulay Youssef Mosque in Casablanca, located near the Royal Palace.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Mahkama of Pacha
The interior, however, was filmed in the Mahkama of Pacha, the city courthouse, also in Casablanca.

Although this courthouse was built in the mid-1940s, in the midst of World War II, the result was this beautiful building constructed using traditional masonry techniques due to the unavailability of modern materials such as steel and cement, which were diverted by the French authorities to the war effort.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

HMP Shotts
The prison is HMP Shotts, a real high-security prison in North Lanarkshire, housing mainly long-term male offenders.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Greenock Inverclyde
In the series finale, there is a scene filmed in Greenock, Inverclyde, with the town hall's Victoria Tower in the background.

Built in the 1880s, the Victoria Tower stands as a prominent landmark rising over 220 feet, constructed to commemorate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Lord Roberts Monument
The scene pictured was filmed near the Lord Roberts Monument in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Millennium Bridge
The Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the River Clyde linking the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre with the Glasgow Science Centre.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

The Vigil season one locations

Scottish Police Service
In the first season, the Scottish Police Service headquarters were set in the Met Tower on North Hanover Street.

This was the former Glasgow Metropolitan College building.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

HM Naval Base Dunloch
The also invented HM Naval Base Dunloch was filmed at the Hunterston Terminal in Ayrshire, near the town of Largs.

Most of the aerial shots and base buildings shown in the series have a lot of CGI.

This complex is a deep-water port, primarily serving as an import terminal for coal and other bulk goods, playing a significant role in maritime trade in the region.
Image courtesy of BBC and Google Maps

Dunloch Base Vigil
The Dunloch Base accommodation blocks were filmed at the Murano Street Student Village, a student accommodation complex in Glasgow.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Vigil house
Kirsten's home is located at 42 Hamilton Park Avenue in Kelvinbridge, Glasgow.

This is a cool neighborhood, known for its bohemian atmosphere, Victorian architecture, and proximity to the River Kelvin.
Image courtesy of BBC and Google Maps

Kirkmouth Police Station
As Find That Location reported, in the third episode, Kirsten meets with Chief Petty Officer Deerborne on the seafront in Largs, with the Clark Memorial Church as a backdrop.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Glasgow City Chambers inside
The third episode also features several scenes filmed at Glasgow City Chambers.

Serving as the headquarters of Glasgow City Council, this magnificent Victorian building with stunning marble staircases was constructed between 1882 and 1888.
Image courtesy of BBC - Map

Blythswood Street Glasgow
The car chase was filmed at the Clyde Tunnel and Blythswood Street

The car park on top of the building was filmed at Q-Park on Waterloo Street.
Image courtesy of BBC - Maps: Tunnel / Street / Parking

Glasgow Science Centre riverside
In the fourth episode, Peter Ingles' house is on Napier Drive in the Plantation neighbourhood area of Glasgow.

The car chase ends by the river, with the Glasgow Science Centre and the Squinty Bridge behind.
Image courtesy of BBC - House /Map

Glasgow Hurricanes
The Braehead Arena is a multipurpose venue known for hosting a variety of events, including concerts, ice hockey games, and exhibitions.

The Glasgow Hurricanes were also invented for the series. This complex is actually home to the Braehead Clan ice hockey team.
Image courtesy of BBC - Braehead Arena

Kelvingrove Park
The Russian consulate is a house at 15 Royal Crescent in Finnieston.

The scene with Sylvia and Poppy in the season finale was filmed at Kelvingrove Park.

The Chinesse embassy is located at 23 Park Circus.
Image courtesy of BBC - Royal Crescent / Park / Embassy

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1- Anonymous - Dec 27, 2023, 1:05 PM
The scene where Eliza was abducted from the ambulance was filmed at Strathclyde Park near the bridge access to The Palace Grounds and Mausoleum.

2- Anonymous - Jan 31, 2024, 1:10 AM
Such an exciting series, thanks. Likewise, a French one named "Le Bureau". They also travelled around the world due to their spy missions, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, etc. Thriller! How I loved it. Awesome, I truly recommend watching it!

3- Anonymous - Feb 11, 2024, 8:37 PM
The exterior of Amy and Kirsten's house, with the blue door, seen in episode 5 when Robertson and Ramsay visit Kirsten, is located at 70 Alexander Street in Airdrie, Scotland, if I'm not mistaken.


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