The Island of Windward, Washington: Where was The Baker's Son filmed?

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On the island of Windward lives Matt, the baker's son, who makes the most delicious bread only when he's in love. But the whole town, even the tourist industry, depends somehow on his mood: when Matt is sad or worried, his bread also loses its secret ingredient and the whole town gets to be sad along with him.

This Hallmark romantic comedy spiced with a bit of magic realism is set on a fictional small island town in Washington, but The Baker's Son was primarily filmed in Vancouver Island.

The Baker's Son Location

Things have been easy for best friends Annie (Eloise Mumford) and Matt (Brant Daugherty) who have lived in this village for their entire life. Until one day, a ballet tour comes to town to rehearse a big show, and Matt falls in love with a ballerina, Nicole, played by Maude Green.

Welcome to Windward and our guide to the filming locations of The Baker's Son.

Windward Washington
The lovely town by the sea of Windward in Washington State, established in 1830, is actually an amalgam of several locations filmed in Vancouver Island (British Columbia).

The establishing shot pictured is from Portside Marina and the ferry terminal area in Brentwood Bay. Here in the blue and green cabin is also located Mayor's Walter Rasmussen office and the pier where Nicole arrives.

Situated on the Saanich Peninsula, Brentwood Bay is a tourist destination, home to various cool wineries and restaurants.
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McBride’s restaurant
Annie's local diner, McBride’s, is the Willow Street Cafe located in the heart of Chemainus.

Several scenes were filmed on the colorful Willow Street, including the Pioneer Day festival, which required many extras. The filmmakers took over the block for five days.

Chemainus is a 3,000 souls community on the east coast of southern Vancouver Island, now famous for hosting up to 53 outdoor murals.
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Duval Boulangerie
Located just across the street from McBride’s, the front of Owl's Nest Bakery and Bistro doubled as the legendary Duval Boulangerie.
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The Baker's Son Island
However, according to Victoria News, the interior scenes from the bakery were recorded at True Grain Bread in Cowichan Bay.

This is an Old World-inspired European bakery -a French thing- opened in 2004 by Jonathan Knight. The success of True Grain Bread inspired many more small sustainable businesses to open in the bay.
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Brant Daugherty baking bread
Daugherty never made bread before this movie, but he got to have real baking lessons for this movie. The producers brought in a master baker who had to condense 40 years of experience into one afternoon.

The Baker's Son House
The magnificent waterfront house where the company of ballet is staying, called Little-Oaks, is a historic mansion located at 3165 Tarn Place in Oak Bay, the municipality bordered to the east by the city of Victoria.

Built in 1929, the house is a fine example of British Arts and Crafts architecture with Tudor style.

Several locations where the Netflix series Maid was filmed are also situated in Oak Bay.
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Bartholomew's Public House
The local hang-out bar, Bartholomew's Public House, is a real pub located at 777 Douglas Street in the city of Victoria.

Oliver Rice (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Altered Carbon) plays the director of the ballet company, Philip Chandler.
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Cowichan Bay pier
The final scene at Windward's harbor was filmed at the picturesque Cowichan Bay located near the city of Duncan. The house on the dock is the Fishermen's Wharf Assn.

This gorgeous bay is known for its fishing industry and the scenic value of the area.
Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel - Map

Meet The Baker's Son Cast

Eloise Mumford as Annie
Eloise Mumford played Dakota Johnson’s best friend in all three Fifty Shades of Grey installments.

She also has starred in the 2019 movie with Billy Crystal Standing Up, Falling Down, and has appeared in the Fox series Lone Star and NBC's Chicago Fire.

Brant Daugherty as Matt
Brant Daugherty was also featured in the last Fifty Shades of Grey film, but he is better known for his role as Noel Kahn on the ABC show Pretty Little Liars and Netflix's Dear White People.

Brant Daugherty explained in a behind-the-scenes video that whenever he'll watch The Baker's Son, he will recall that the day that they filmed the scene on the dock he was waiting for his son to be born! So is the title of the movie actually referring to this?

Maude Green as Nicole
Native Vancouver actress Maude Green is a professional ballet dancer. Maude performed "Elle Woods" in the Equinox Theatre's production of Legally Blonde: The Musical. She also played a ballerina role in the 2019 Lifetime movie Christmas Lost and Found.

Haig Sutherland as Walter
Taste The Bread! - Haig Sutherland plays Walter Rasmussen, Mayor of Windward. Serge Houde is Matt's father, Jean Pierre.

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