Where was Thunder Force filmed? Guide to ALL the Filming Locations

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The Netflix superhero parody film starring Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy is set in the city of Chicago. However, Thunder Force was filmed almost entirely in Atlanta.

This may be not the best action comedy ever made, but the movie features a bunch of interesting locations in the Atlanta Metro area.

Thunder Force Filming Locations

The story follows two old childhood friends, Emily Stanton and Lydia Berman, who suddenly get superpowers to fight a group of quirky and powerful villains called Miscreants.

The Miscreants were created after an interstellar cosmic-ray struck the Earth back in 1983, triggering genetic transformations in a select few.

Here is our Thunder Force filming locations report; we’ve broken the movie down into its key sites, ordered by appearance:

Thunder Force House
According to a casting call, the Chicago subway flashback scene in 1988 that opens the movie was filmed in Decatur.

Afterward, young Emily moves to Grandma Norma's home. The exterior of the house is the historical brick building Palmer and Phelan in the heart of Midtown Atlanta.

Built between 1907 and 1915, the three-story condominium homes are located on the corner of Peachtree Street and Peachtree Place.
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Inman Park Neighborhood school
The fictional Whitman Chicago Unified School is the Little Five Points Community, which used to be the Moreland School.

Both exterior and interior scenes were filmed in this building located in the Inman Park neighborhood in Atlanta.

Developed in the late 1880s, Inman Park features a lot of beautiful Victorian mansions that have been restored to their former glory in the last few decades.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Containers backlot in Norcross
A scene involving containers in Atlanta? We are 99% sure that it was filmed at the OFS Fitel backlot in Norcross near the Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta.

Many productions requiring a container yard in Georgia come to film here, including several Marvel's Avengers movies or The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Thunder Force church
Lydia's first encounter with Laser (played by Pom Klementieff), was filmed outside the Atlanta First United Methodist Church at 360 Peachtree Street.

This is one of the oldest churches in the city, although the current neo-Gothic building was completed in 1903.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Frank's diner
If you are from Atlanta, did you recognize this spot in the movie? The film crew transformed a large section of Broad Street near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive into downtown Chicago.

The Miller's Rexall Drugs store at 87 Broad St doubled as the exterior of Frank's diner. Fun fact: Paul McCartney's 1999 Run Devil Run album was named after a bath salts sign that he saw on this pharmacy’s facade.

The key scene with Lydia throwing a bus was also recorded here.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Murphy's Bleachers
The movie shows several establishing shots of Chicago, including the skyline and elevated CTA subway trains crossing a bridge near Lydia's apartment.

Murphy's Bleachers is a real (and famous) sports pub located at the intersection of Sheffield and N. Waveland Avenues, next to the iconic Wrigley Field stadium.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

The Stanton building
The Stanton 4.0 tower is the Coda building in Midtown’s Technology Square at 756 W Peachtree Street NW.

However, most of the interior scenes of the movie were filmed at Atlanta Metro Studios.
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Thunder Force city
The mayoral candidate, Rachel Gonzales (played by Melissa Ponzio) rally was filmed on Atlanta City Hall’s staircase.
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Trader Vic restaurant
Lydia and The Crab (played by Ozark star Jason Bateman) have a romantic evening at Trader Vic's. This tropical, Pacific Rim-themed restaurant is located in the Hilton Atlanta Hotel at 255 Courtland St NE.
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The Fox Theatre Egyptian Ballroom
The King (played by Bobby Cannavale) meets his followers at the Egyptian Ballroom of The Fox Theatre in Atlanta.

This historical movie palace opened in 1929 and it is located at 660 Peachtree Street in Midtown.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Thunder Force drehorte
The exterior building of the last section of the movie is the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago, a massive Art Deco structure completed in 1930.

However, the scene with the police and the fire department cars by the river was not filmed there. Also, the Atlanta Magazine reported that Thunder Force was filming at Pratt-Pullman Yard, and near the First Baptist Church in Snellville.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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You skipped the elementary school scenes, which were filmed (exterior and interior) here in Inman Park at the Little 5Points Community Center, which used to be the Moreland School.

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   Thank you, updated!


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