Where was Chasing Waterfalls filmed? Guide to All the Filming Locations

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The first of the Hallmark Channel Spring Fling movie romances of the season features gorgeous Canadian locations. Although the film opens with panoramic establishing shots of Seattle, Chasing Waterfalls was filmed in British Columbia.

This Hallmarkie invites you to follow Explorer Global magazine reporter Amy Atwater in search of the mythical (and fictional) Redwood Falls.

For Amy, finding the right guy is harder than discovering North America’s most fabled waterfalls; she is a serious waterfall chaser and doesn't expect a good job to just fall into her lap.

The cast Amy and Mark

However, Amy strikes gold when she meets Mark North, the handsome Pinestone Lake Lodge guide who will reveal to her one of the most treasured secrets of the area.

The starring duo is Cindy Busby as Amy and Christopher Russell as Mark. Mark is divorced and has a lovely daughter, Kyra, played by Cassidy Nugent.

The filmmakers have not revealed in detail any of the filming locations of Chasing Waterfalls, but Atlas of Wonders has tracked down the whereabouts of the real Redwood Falls and more:

Chasing Waterfalls Filming Locations

Shannon Falls in Squamish
The large Shannon Falls near Squamish doubles as the Little Betsy waterfall, the one that the trio visits on Mark's day off.

In the movie, we only see a close-up of this 1,100 feet (335 meters) cliff.
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The Chasing Waterfalls Location
Before falling in love with her new guide, Amy conquers the climb to visit Falcon Falls which are actually Mamquam Falls in Squamish.

Located near the Garibaldi Highlands community, this 62-foot (19 meters) cascade is truly a local treasure. The impressive gorge features turquoise or emerald green water pools, depending on the time of year.
Image courtesy of Hallmark Channel - Map

Squamish Canyon in Mamquam River
You can hike a series of trails through the Mamquam River. The residents of the surrounding neighborhood are developing a plan to build a non-invasive boardwalk in and around the river.

The project, called Squamish Canyon, also includes a forest lounge deck with a recreational playground under the rainforest canopy of this nature preserve.

Mamquam Falls is also featured in the last scenes of the movie. If you want to visit this dazzling place, there's a space for parking near a viewpoint on the south side of the river not far from a small BC Hydro power house.

You can reach the falls without a big hike, the spot is located near a bridge adjacent to the bottom of the pools. This hidden gem is also popular with kayakers and paddlers.

The Redwood Falls

The Redwood Falls
The mysterious Redwood Falls, where it is said that wishes can be cast and found, are actually the scenic Cascade Falls in the Hatzic Valley near Mission.

Cascade Falls Regional Park is a 22 hectare protected reserve leading to the spectacular 100-feet (30-meter) waterfall. On the way, there are several smaller falls within a deeply incised gorge filled with emerald pools.
Image courtesy of Casey Yee - Map

Chasing Waterfalls house hanging bridge
In the movie, Redwood Falls is supposed to be isolated, off the beaten track. However, the real place is located just about an hour and a half drive east from downtown Vancouver.

The waterfall can be admired from a suspension bridge built over the river to make this beautiful landmark more accessible to visitors.

Anyway, you can imagine the effort that the crew made trekking the stepped walking trail carrying all the required gear for filming.
Image courtesy of Tjflex2

Chasing Waterfalls lake
Film director Christie Will Wolf commented on Instagram that they were filming in lots of remote and imposing locations: "We found ourselves on the edge of cliffs for some rock climbing, stunning waterfalls... along with some hardcore hikes in beautiful British Columbia".

Director of photography Stirling Bancroft was "literally hung off the side of a cliff to get the one shot". Actors Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell "froze their butts off swimming in freezing glacier waterfall pools".

The Pinestone Lake Lodge

Pinestone Lake Lodge
The website TV Goodness revealed the real location of the fictional Pinestone Lake Lodge.

Loon Lake Lodge is a retreat center offering corporate events, wellness weekends, and a summer recreation program called Camp Goodtimes.

It's located near Maple Ridge, on the Vancouver side of Golden Ears Provincial Park.

The Lakeside Lodge from Journey of My Heart was also filmed here on location.
Image courtesy of Hallmark - Map

Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell
We reckon that the scene where Amy conquers her fears rappelling down the mountain may be the Foundation Wall climbing spot at the Cheakamus Canyon.

The landscape looks like this area where many productions including Riverdale, Lost in Space, Big Sky, and Resident Alien were filmed.

Canadian actress Cindy Busby is best known for her role on the Heartland series, but she has played guest-starring roles in many The CW shows including The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural or The LA Complex.

Her resume also features several movies for Lifetime and Hallmark like Romance in the Air and Follow Me to Daisy Hills.

The Chasing Waterfalls cast
On the other hand, Christopher Russell has many roles to his name in series like iZombie, Nikita, Star Trek: Discovery, or Van Helsing.

Both of them were paired up in another Hallmark production called Love In The Forecast, where the two actors already displayed terrific chemistry.

One last thing: Hallmark used TLC’s Waterfall (a 1995 song of the hip hop group from Atlanta) as the song choice for the commercial of the movie.

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  1- Anonymous - March 28, 2021 at 12:29 PM
I absolutely loved this movie! The waterfalls along with all of the incredible views in this movie make me want to travel to Vancouver and the surrounding areas!!! It must be like heaven on earth! I cannot imagine how wonderful (and challenging) it was to film this movie which might have just become my favorite Hallmark movie to watch And that’s saying something!!!

2- Anonymous - March 31, 2021 at 8:21 PM
Stunning. Wonderful film.

3- Anonymous - May 25, 2021 at 4:10 PM
Lovely movie!

4- Anonymous - July 1, 2021 at 7:27 AM
End movie song title, please!

5- Anonymous - Jan 29, 2022, 4:52 PM
Good family movie, love the scenery and beautiful views. Maybe a movie about our beautiful east coast. Fishing lighthouses.

6- Anonymous - Feb 20, 2022, 8:53 AM
Beautiful movie and places. Reminds me of Soca Valley Waterfalls in Slovenia, Europe, where I live.

7- Anonymous - May 13, 2022, 7:55 PM
Wonderful movie, I love both actors. Cynthia is so great!

8- Anonymous - May 13, 2022, 7:55 PM
I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. I loved the music they choose and plan to visit some of the places that were in the movie.


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