Where Was King Lear Filmed?

King Lear 2018
The 2018 version of King Lear is a British-American production originally aired on TV, now available on Amazon Prime. Directed by Richard Eyre, the movie that is based on the popular play written by William Shakespeare. The drama was cut to 115 minutes and broadcasted on BBC in 2018.

There is plenty of history for students to learn from Great Britain's ancient history. The film is set in the Iron age, Roman Era, Henry II early times, Napoleonic, Second World War, and the Post-war. The movie shows how suffering brings us down to realize that temporary power in this world means nothing. Lear and Gloucester have a lot in common, they both learn the truth the hard way.

Shakespeare tries to illustrate how a man free from any control and balance will become a tirant, as this condition is written in his very own nature. As a result, he has to face the consequences. If your teacher asks you to write an essay on the original play, you can watch this film to find all the King Lear topics. However, it can be not enough so here you can also get free samples and examples on the play that will inspire you to write a unique essay and research paper.

The cast
The main cast is packed with famous and talented artists. Anthony Hopkins stars as King Lear. Emma Thomson, Emily Watson, and Florence Pugh are his three daughters. The movie is set in an 21st-century alternative universe. London is highly militarized and shows the tragedy when the king declares the end of his reign and the division of the kingdom between his three daughters.

London location
After watching this story you may be wondering where does the movie takes place. Almost all the action in the film occurs in England. The setting of King Lear and filming locations include an exceptional castle and several interesting places around London. Image courtesy of Amazon

Dover Castle
King Lear's Castle is actually the Dover Castle in Kent, playing a key role in the film. This medieval fortress has also remained from many eras since the area was populated in the Iron age.
Image courtesy of Lieven Smits

Tower of London
The Tower of London doubled as the boardroom and chambers of the monarch. The play is so popular that has been adaptated more than 50 times in both TV and film. Image courtesy of MemoryCatcher

Samphire Hoe
The Hatfield House is a 15th century manor located in the outskirts of London. Built by Robert Cecil, the house is currently home to Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 7th Marquess of Salisbury and his large family. However, the site is open to the public and has been used as a shooting location in multiple productions like Taboo, The Great, Trust or Wonder Woman. Image courtesy of Amazon

Samphire Hoe
The Abbot's Cliff and the Samphire Hoe in Kent are featured in a couple of scenes of the film. Located beneath the White Cliffs of Dover near Folkestone, this is an iconic English landscape hard to miss when crossing the channel coming from the continent. The shopping precinct was filmed in the town of Stevenage in Hertfordshire. Image courtesy of Alfred Gay


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