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A former business man, his actress wife and their young daughter rent a remote house somewhere in the middle of Wales, looking for a place to relax in the peace of the countryside. However, the incredible threat goes south when the house turns out to be haunted.

You Should Have Left was actually filmed in Wales, where it is set. This psychological thriller stars Kevin Bacon as Theo Conroy, Amanda Seyfried as Susanna and Avery Essex as the daughter Ella. The plot is based on the German novel by Daniel Kehlmann Du hättest gehen sollen.

We found the house that finds you. The characters of the film may hate their damned get away, but the real house is a lovely place. Completed in 2016, the building is considered as a secular monastery, hosting spiritual retreats several times a year.

The stately home in Wales
The house the Conroys book is called Life House, Tŷ Bywyd in Welsch. This vacation home is located in Llanbister, a really small village in Powys in the historic county of Radnorshire. It was designed by John Pawson, a famed British architect whose work is known for its minimalist aesthetic of the 'less is more' philosophy. He has designed several monasteries, churches and places of contemplation
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Where was You Should Have Left filmed
In the movie, the Stetler house seems bigger on the inside. It's changing shape, expanding and contracting. Time and space are also shifting. All the exteriors and most of the rooms were filmed on location (hall, kitchen, bedrooms and the corridor). But in order to accommodate some filming parts, a few sections of the structure were built in a studio.

You Should Have Left House
To make the You Should Have Left house look bigger and more threatening, the filmmakers added an extra floor to the original building via CGI. Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and The School of Life

The kitchen sofa in the movie
Set amidst the rolling Welsh hills and moorland, the house is actually a very comfortable place designed to relax. It boasts three spacious bedroom with bathroom suites (almost the size of Connecticut). One of them is a library bedroom, containing therapeutic works of eastern and western literature. The second one is equipped with an exceptional audio system and a curated selection of music. The last bedroom provides a bathing platform with views to the munching sheep out there. And if you don't need anything fancy, there is also a spartan contemplation space room.

Du hättest gehen sollen hause drehort
Welcome to Wales! Would you like to rent the house as the family Conroy did? You won't find it available in Airbnb. The estate is listed in Living Architecture, a website that selects modern style houses. The project aims to promote discussion about modern architecture, providing an immersive holiday experience in properties created by relevant architects and artists working today.

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