The 16 Best Films About Student Life

Accepted movie

How do you remember your college times? Students times are the best! Some would think about sleepless nights, struggling not to fail tomorrow’s exam. And some would remember only having endless fun every day in the dormitory. Whatever you say – everyone will have the same good nostalgic taste of carefree youth. The collection of these good college movies will turn time back and blow you with slightly forgotten vibes: 

Drumline (2002)
The story throws us into southern university life. We meet a Harlem drummer who gets recruited to play in the band of this university. A funny and light storyline will drag you into school sports events and will show the competitive spirit which leads the team to victory. After watching it you will get a more clear understanding of cultural differences between northern and southern U.S.

Accepted (2006)
Being rejected from high school doesn’t mean you should give up. The comedy tells about the group of grads who set up their own college after other colleges rejected them. The new school is led by students and keeps completely new accreditation standards. Such a college welcomes other students who faced the same destiny – rejection from other schools. The movie will familiarize you with the admissions process and on-campus living. See how the idea with alternative school turned to a complete scandal.

Legally Blonde (2001)

An ordinary girl comes to Harvard Law School after her boyfriend dumped her. While trying to win him back, the girl surprises people around being a very smart student. She starts to realize her own intelligence and independence which inspires others by her example. The story shows how much you can get through hard work.

Waterboy (1998)

You'll be watch this movie more than a single time. The comedy tells us about a middle-aged school waterboy. With the help of his coach and teammates, the student starts to realize his talent in football. The picture represents close family relationships between the boy and his mother and how it affects his college studies. Adam Sandler’s small jokes along the entire movie will give you indescribable enjoyment of a light college football story.

The Social Network (2010)

A true story about the birth of the most popular social media we use now on a daily basis. Yes, this film tells us about a genius Harvard student who invented a social networking site and became billionaire just in 6 years after he started this project. Mark Zuckerberg's story is one of those biographies which reveal the background truth about his own success and issues that usually accompany it. Enjoy the Oscar-winning movie about the young man whose idea turns all the life path inside out.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Meet Matt Damon in a romantic drama about a mathematical genius. The film familiarizes us with a yang man who works as a janitor at MIT. With the help of a psychologist ( Robin Williams ), Matt’s hero tries to adjust his personal relationships which makes him afraid of getting close to others. The Oscar-winning movie represents the struggle between talent and own life.

Pitch Perfect (2012)

A female college singing group against all-male group. College life becomes more bright when you participate in some kind of activity. Students’ music band is the most interesting place ever. Especially, if you have to beat the campus rival. Pitch perfect proves teamwork can break all obstacles on the way to achieve the goal.

The Internship (2013)

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn decide to enroll into an internship program. Although they are not-so-fresh out of college end up, still the program gives a chance to have a job at a top company. The film is an example of those two proves that grads have all chances to start their career from the beginning.

Old School (2003)

Another hilarious comedy with Vince Vaughn about post-college times, friendship, love, and beating the odds. This must-watch tale is about former friends who decided to remember old times and to open a fraternity near their Alma mater.

National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

Animal House is the mother of the classic college movies, starring John Belushi. What you will see here is Fraternity and sorority life, college politics, and a lot of party culture. The plot is based on the fight between two fraternities: one is a group of misfits, and the other is a group of homogeneous, upper-middle-class preps.

Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

Historical throwback to 1950s where prestigious all-girls school class is taught by the progressive professor. The female art professor tries to teach her young students to see life from a new, progressive point of view. The drama is about women’s roles in the 1950s and issues they faced during college times and how the college could change their life afterward.

Van Wilder (2002)

The college times are the most careless time ever. Van Wilder enjoyed the campus live for 7 years, until his wealthy father decided to cut him off. Now the hero is looking for any possibility which would allow him to prolong college times. So is no time for parties – he needs to decide what to do in order not to graduate from college.

Rudy (1993)

The classic tale of how hard work can make dreams come true. The main hero is accepted to the prestigious Notre Dame University playing football. The inspiring story tells how an ordinary boy can leave what other people say behind the shoulders and move in front of his dream.

Monsters University (2013)

Hilarious, exciting, family cartoon. Enjoy funny moments of students at the campus and college. The monsters Mike and Sulley will bring you to the first day at the college and induce you to laugh not only at children but the whole family together. Prepare to have a lot of fun ahead!

Movies about college students are a perfect choice if you want to return to the good college days. That feeling that the film is about real things is making us get inspiration and a belief in personal abilities. If you feel a need to cheer up or just relax the film about college students will be a perfect decision for this evening.

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