Where was Spinning Out filmed? The Pinecrest Ice Arena & all the Filming Locations

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Netflix’s new figure skating drama Spinning Out was filmed in several locations in Ontario, in and around Toronto in Canada.

However, the series is set in Idaho, where it does exist a real Sun Valley Resort. The town where the Bakers live in Hawkley, Idaho, and the Pinecrest Ice Arena are fictional locations.

Spinning Out Filming Locations

The creator of Spinning Out, Samantha Stratton, is a former professional skater. The main cast is led by Kaya Scodelario (Skins, The Maze Runner), playing Kat Baker and Evan Roderick is her partner Justin Davis.

You may be wondering if the actors are skating themselves the hardest jumps; Netflix hired professional figure skating doubles who were also coaching the actors. Canadian pair skater champions Michelle Long, Evelyn Walsh, and Trennt Michaud were the stunt doubles for Kat Baker and Justin Davis.

Here is our guide to the filming locations where Spinning Out was filmed.

where is Spinning Out filmed?

Pinecrest Resort
The Blue Mountain Village is the main hub of the large Blue Mountain ski resort.

This pedestrian village, which allows ski-in lodges, was used to film most of the exteriors of the Pinecrest Ski Resort of Spinning Out.

Located just south of the shores of Lake Huron on the Georgian Bay, just two hours northwest of Toronto, this is the third-busiest ski resort in Canada.
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Image courtesy of Netflix and Jeff S. PhotoArt - Map

Where is Spinning Out filmed
The Sun Valley's Pinecrest Ski Resort required some CGI magic to extend the mountains and skiing slopes that are lit up at night as shown in the series.

The Westin Trillium House is the large hotel pictured on the left.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Jeff S. PhotoArt

The real Pinecrest Ice Arena location

Pinecrest Ice Arena
The Pinecrest Ice Arena where the group of competitive figure skaters train, is the Teen Ranch Ice Corral in Orangeville.

This Olympic-size arena, which opened in 1994, accommodates aspiring young hockey players from around the world and hosts development camps for NHL and national teams from several countries.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Ice skating Arena rink Spinning Out
The Sectional Figure Skating Championships taking place in Boise, Idaho, during the last episode of the season 'Kiss and Cry', were filmed at the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex in Oakville.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Spinning Out drehort
The showrunners didn't bother changing the name of a few minor locations that appear in a few scenes of the show.

Wally’s Restaurant in Mississauga (episode 3 'Proceed with Caution'), the IC Food World Grocery store also located in Mississauga (episode 4 'Keep Pinecrest Wild'), and the Dineen Outpost boutique coffee house in downtown Toronto (episode 9 '#1 Mom').

Finally, most of the interiors of Spinning Out were shot at TriBro Studios in Toronto.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Wally’s Map / IC Food World Map / Dineen Map

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