Where was Rim of the World filmed? - The location of the apocalyptic camp and lake

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Four misfit teenagers in a summer camp are the unlikely heroes to save the world from an alien invasion. This adventure Netflix film features several 80's and 90's movie references.

It feels like a mashup of classics like The Goonies, Independence Day, or Jurassic Park, sharing many ingredients with the hit series Stranger Things.

Where was Rim of the World filmed

Directed by McG (The Babysitter, Terminator Salvation), the main cast is led by Jack Gore, Benjamin Flores Jr, Miya Cech, and Alessio Scalzotto.

Rim of the World was filmed in Los Angeles and California. Here are the most relevant shooting locations of this 2019 action-packed movie:

Rim of the world camp location
The Rim of the World Adventure Camp was set in the Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes. The main building in the campground where the kids escape from an alien is the Tamarack Lodge and Resort.
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Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Convict Lake shooting locations
The action is combined with some scenes filmed on the shores of the scenic Convict Lake, located 14 miles from Twin Lakes.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Kingston - Map

Rim of the World city
This peculiar alien apocalypse is set in Los Angeles. The scene with the destroyed city's skyline was shot at Vista Hermosa Natural Park.

Pictured, a screenshot from when the kids are in San Gabriel Valley, filmed at 1st Street Bridge near Downtown.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Dónde se rodó El fin del mundo
The car chase ends up in the Hansen Dam in San Fernando Valley.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Ijcruz - Map

Rim of the World drehort
According to LAist, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory was recreated in a gymnasium in Pomona.

As the production couldn't film in the JPL's Space Flight Operations Center, the filmmakers used an old government building in the town, the Lanterman Developmental Center.

Also, some forest takes were shot at Cal Poly Pomona college. Further studio work was done in Occidental Studios in Hollywood.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

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  1. My aunt lives in LA and is the official Netflix Photographer for media like this. I was actually onset with her for this movie and you forgot to mention that some forest takes were shot at Cal Poly Pomona college! My mom works there btw. Just a heads up you should add.
    Kelly Ractham

    1. Thanks a lot for your help, updated!

    2. What mall were they at? Ext and Int

  2. The mall exterior is Westminster Mall, not sure about the interior. Also, the exterior shot of JPL in ruins (pictured above) is Los Angeles Center Studios on Bixel Street.

  3. They also looked to be at the Universal backlot

    1. I know, I was saying the same thing! We were there just last week… but I can’t find it anywhere where I says that one scene where they gave the key to the soldiers


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