Where was Us filmed? - Filming locations of Jordan Peele's terror movie

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'It's us,' says the family's child staring at the quartet of doppelgängers. Jordan Peele, the acclaimed writer-director of Get Out, is back with a new psychological horror movie.

Us is a chilling tale about the Wilsons, a family of four, facing creepy versions of themselves while on a vacation to a beach resort town.

Most of the exterior scenes of Us were filmed in Santa Cruz (California).

Us movie location

The actors had to play two different roles, sometimes in the same scene. Lupita Nyong'o (Black Panther) plays Adelaide, who goes back to her hometown many years after she had a strange experience there when she was a young girl.

Winston Duke (who played M'Baku in the Avengers films) is her husband Gabe. The siblings of the couple are performed by young actors Shahadi Wright Joseph (Zora) and Evan Alex (Jason).

Completing the main cast are the family's old friends the Tylers, played by Elisabeth Moss as Kitty (The Handmaid's Tale) and Tim Heidecker as Josh.

Here is our spoiler-free guide to the filming locations of Us.

Funfair beach
The oceanfront scenes were filmed in Main Beach. Opened in 1907, amusement park Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk features vintage attractions like the Giant Dipper roller coaster and the Looff Carousel.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Ali Eminov - Map

Us terror film location
Santa Cruz is actually a charming seaside town, located 75 miles south of San Francisco.

Lonely Planet describes the city as a place 'famous for its leftie-liberal politics and easygoing ideology'. Pictured, a scene filmed in the street behind the Haunted Castle.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Google Maps

Burning car town scene
There is also a scene with a car in flames, shot on East Cliff Drive, near Seabright State Beach.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Google Maps

Us movie house location
According to Wikipedia, Wilson's family vacation home is located somewhere in Pasadena, Los Angeles’ suburban neighbor.

One of our readers found the exact location: 2256 Villa Heights Road. There is not too much information in Realtor about this off-market five-bedroom and three-bathroom home property built in 1964, with an estimated value of $2,626,000.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures - Map

Wir drehort
Thanks to an anonymous comment we got to know that the scene pictured was filmed in Lake Gregory, just north of San Bernardino.
Image courtesy of Universal Pictures - Map

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  1. The Lake is Lake Gregory just north of San Bernardino.

  2. We need that house address! Come on, someone has to know.

  3. The lake scenes were filmed in Crestline,CA on Lake Gregory

  4. For those wishing to come to The Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk and search for the 'House of Mirrors' just off the sand, you know the spot where it ALL Began, unfortunately that 'Spot' doesn't exist... But it sure would have been a great move by The Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk to add it. Right?

    1. It would have been a great idea... i was there yesterday... FRIGHT WALK UNDER THE BOARDWALK looks like its commemorating the movie... its located just beyond the main entrance

  5. Some of the "Boardwalk" shots appear to have been filmed at Twin Lakes beach. When the camera is facing west, you can see the entrance to the harbor and the Walton lighthouse which can be seen to the east in the above Seabright picture.

  6. The house is at 365 seagull road lake gregory surburban

    1. I Love that house... Well what I've seen on the movies.😁😁

  7. That address doesn’t make sense. Everywhere I’ve read, the house is mentioned to be located in Pasadena but I can’t find an address anywhere.

  8. Lupita Nyong’o is not in the Walking Dead

  9. The house has been discovered finally. It can be found at 2256 Villa Heights Rd in Pasadena. You’re welcome!


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