The Turtle Island Bay Location: Where is Northern Rescue filmed?

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Northern Rescue is a Canadian family drama produced by CBC and broadcasted internationally on Netflix. William Baldwin (not to be confused with his older brother Alec Baldwin) is John West, returning to his home town to lead the local search and rescue service. He is a recent widower with three kids played by Amalia Williamson, Taylor Thorne and Spencer MacPherson. Kathleen Robertson completes the main cast as Charlie, his wife’s sister.

The show is set in Turtle Island Bay, although Northern Rescue was filmed in Parry Sound. This is a beautiful town in Ontario, located by the shore of the sound of the same name on Georgian Bay. Also most of the Boston scenes were filmed in Toronto. These are the most interesting spoiler-free filming locations of the show:

Northern Rescue town
Parry Sound, doubling as Turtle Island Bay, is a small town located 150 miles north of Toronto. This is also an excellent base to explore the great outdoors of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Georgian Bay. The area, known as The 30,000 Islands, is a biosphere reserve considered the world's largest freshwater archipelago.
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Image courtesy of Divya Thakur - Map

Turtle Island Bay
The Thirty Thousand Islands makes part of the Great Lakes region. Pictured, a screenshot of the iconic Snug Harbour Range Rear Lighthouse, built in 1893. Image courtesy of CBC - Map

Where is Turtle Island Bay
The scenic railroad bridge near the marina, the Canadian Pacific Railway Trestle, is always present in the townscape of Parry Sound. Image courtesy of Google Maps

Northern Rescue drehort
The August 2018 Google Maps street view still shows the set of Slice, the 'Turtle Island Bay Roasting Co. Coffee' in James St (and a truck parked next door from the same moving company used by the Wests to move into town).
Image courtesy of CBC and Google Maps

Northern Rescue Aqua Verse
And where is the awesome Aqua Verse water park? The exteriors were shot in a set not far from downtown, on the shores of the sound. However, the interiors were filmed in a soundstage, probably in Toronto.
Image courtesy of CBC and Google Maps

The village beach scenes
The Search and Rescue Office is the Sail Parry Sound centre. Also there are some scenes filmed in the local Waubuno Beach. Image courtesy of CBC - Sailing Centre Map / Waubuno Beach Map

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  1. Love the serie and the scenery. Come back with the second season please

  2. Get past the awful intro music/song which is truly dreadful then the series is quite watchable

  3. Love the town and the show. Thank you

  4. My husband and I are in our 70s and love the show. What will happen to Maddie? The other kids, and Charlie. Let us know.

  5. enjoyed season one of "Northern Rescue" and really hope you get a green light for at least a few more seasons. having previously been a volunteer with the "Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary", I am still outraged that politicians have been slashing funding for Canada's Coast Guard since WWII. if it was not for the wonderful volunteers in the Auxiliary, Canada would have no coast guard presence, especially in the Great Lakes for search and rescue. would be great if "John West" could bring attention to the importance of this service and the fact this is a real job not to be fobbed off on volunteers.

  6. enjoyed season one and hope season two gets the green light. however, as it is a C.B.C. production, am irritated it doesn't officially take place in Canada. Parry Sound is a great location and many Mercans would be happy to watch interesting small town Canajun drama. would also be nice, if Search and Rescue was considered a real paying job not fobbed off on volunteers.

  7. Wow! My family is all from parry sound and i watched this show windering why it looked familiar. Thanks for the comparisons

  8. Just happened to find Northern Rescue by accident.
    We watched 8 episodes before I realised where its filmed.
    I just love the programme---no violence, no bad language, no sex but fabulous scenery.
    Oh my goodness--the scenery.
    We just love it.
    I visited Canada many years ago-Ontario-Toronto and Quebec in particular.
    Just love this programme
    I live in the UK so if anyone lives in the area its filmed in, id love to hear from you
    pam comer

  9. I am enjoying the series, dealing with three youngsters is not an easy task. But most of all, I love the film location, what a wonderful place!!!


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