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Anna and the Apocalypse is a funny and gritty mix of genres, including high school comedy, horror, action, and musical, described as 'Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land'.

In a world where Justin Bieber is turned into a zombie, Anna and her friends will have to fight, sing and dance their way out through the hordes of undead during the Christmas season.

Ella Hunt actress with a stick

The movie was produced by a small independent Scottish studio, following the idea of the deceased young film director Ryan McHenry, who wrote in 2010 an awarded short film called Zombie Musical.

Before its premiere, Anna and the Apocalypse was featured in all the major fantastic film festivals in the world, like Austin's Fantastic Fest or Sitges Film Festival. Ella Hunt (Cold Feet, Robot Overlords), is starring in this comedy along with Malcolm Cumming, Mark Benton (The Halcyon, Waterloo Road), and Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones).

Anna and the Apocalypse was shot on location in the Inverclyde area near Glasgow in Scotland, although it takes place in the small fictional town of Little Haven. Here are some of the most relevant filming locations for this extraordinary zombie musical:

Where was Anna and the Apocalypse filmed
The production was based at the old St Stephen's High School building at Southfield Avenue (Woodhall neighborhood) in Port Glasgow.
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Image courtesy of Blazing Griffin and Google Maps

Anna and the Apocalypse town scene
When Anna leaves home the day of Armageddon, she seems not to notice the monumental mess that reigns in the street. This scene was filmed at Orchard Crescent in the Kingston area in Port Glasgow.
Image courtesy of Blazing Griffin and Google Maps

Cemetery sequence
According to Inverclyde Now, some more shooting locations filmed in Port Glasgow include the Cemetery, Whinhill Golf Course, the industrial estate, and a play park.
Image courtesy of Blazing Griffin - Google Maps

Anna und die Apokalypse drehorte
Anna and John find a charred Christmas tree next to the Wellpark Mid Kirk church in the beautiful Cathcart Square in Greenock.
Image courtesy of Blazing Griffin and Google Maps

bowling lane scene
The interiors of the bowling alley were filmed in Tenpin Falkirk in Camelon.
Image courtesy of Blazing Griffin - Location

Shopping mall zombies scene
The scenes in a shopping centre were shot in the abandoned Five Sisters Freeport Shopping Village and Leisure Park near West Calder, Livingston.
Image courtesy of Blazing Griffin - Shopping Centre Location

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  1. The scenes after the gang leave the bowling alley look to have been filmed at the abandoned '5 Sisters Discount Shopping Village' in West Lothian. The scenes where they are under the paddling pool and first meet the 'jock's' at the rear of some shop units you can see the 5 Sisters (shale bings) in the backgound. The scenes after that with the shopping cart, the xmas tree shop and where John is bitten are all inside the abandoned shopping complex. Hope that helps someone :-)

  2. What part was filmed in Falkirk

  3. The bowling alley is the one in Falkirk (camelon) beside the Mariner Centre


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