Where was The Mountain Between Us filmed?

The Mountain Between Us Filming
The Mountain Between Us is a survival romance based in a book by Charles Martin. The story follows two strangers who decide to pay for a charter plane when their flight is cancelled because of the weather. After their plane crashes, both survive the accident but help is not coming. The couple will have to face numerous challenges in the wilderness.

Titanic star Kate Winslet plays the role of writer Alex Martin, heading to her wedding, and Idris Elba (The Dark Tower, Prometheus) is Dr. Ben Bass. Film director Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now, Omar) wanted to shoot in a place he described as "beautiful, but dangerous".

In fiction the two main characters get stranded in the High Uintas Wilderness (Utah). However, The Mountain Between Us was filmed in a remote location in the Canadian Rockies and in Vancouver. Here are some of the most interesting filming locations for the movie (no spoilers ahead!):

The Mountain Between Us Location
The producers chose a southern area of the Canadian Rockies near the border with the United States to have longer days for filming. The set of the plane wreckage was built on a mountaintop in the Purcell Mountains (British Columbia). The production was filming at almost 11,000 feet. Images courtesy of 20th Century Fox

The Mountain Between Us filming locations
The town of Invermere and Panorama Mountain Resort were used as a base to host cast and crew.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Where is The Mountain Between Us set
Helicopters transported the team everyday to the mountaintop for filming. In case of bad weather conditions, they shot scenes that didn't require a mountain background around the lower areas in the base camp. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

The Mountain Between Us shooting locations
Kate Winslet compared in an interview the filming of the movie with The Revenant, due to the harsh shooting conditions of the shoot. At some point the thermometer reached -38 degrees Celsius. Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Where does The Mountain Between Us takes place
Some scenes were filmed at Abbotsford and Vancouver International Airports.
Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Zwischen zwei Leben drehote
The film was also shot at Oceanic Plaza in downtown Vancouver (pictured). Some other filming locations include Bauhaus Restaurant on West Cordova Street, Eagle Ridge Hospital in Port Moody and Mammoth Studios in Burnaby.
Image by Jeff Hitchcock

The Mountain Between Us setting
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  1. Where was the cabin filming location? Was it filmed in a real abandoned cabin or was a set built for it?

  2. Enjoyed the movie. Beautiful location. Sweet story line!

  3. Kate Winslet’s character’s name is Alex Martin. You see her wedding invitation in the scene where they’re burning receipts and photos for warmth. This article says her name is Ashley Knox? Was it different in the book?

    1. Yes, (from Wikipedia): 'In the film, Winslet's character's name was changed from Ashley Knox to Alex Martin'. We are correcting this, thanks!

  4. does anybody know where the last scene ( in a restaurant/bar, its name looks like "LOCALE") was filmed please?

    1. LOCALE County Hall, 3B Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7GP

  5. Where did the location Coeur d'Alene, Idaho come into the picture for this feature?