Where was Twin Peaks: The Return filmed? Season 3 Filming Locations

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Location sometimes becomes a character, as did the eerie and wonderful town of Twin Peaks more than 25 years ago.

After seven months of filming, it is happening again. The legendary cult 90s TV show is back with 18 episodes and most of the original cast, as Special Agent Dale Cooper - Kyle MacLachlan, and Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer (or her cousin).

Where was Twin Peaks Season 3 filmed

David Lynch and Mark Frost worked in secret on a new storyline for the show for two years. We liked very much the fact that little is known about the plot. Nowadays, when looking for information about a production, you are often bombarded with hordes of spoilers that can ruin the watching experience.

The new season of Twin Peaks was primarily filmed in Washington state and California, where the original series was mostly shot.

However, there are some surprises awaiting us. The Red Room and other sets were built in soundstages of Los Angeles (probably in Van Nuys, as they did in 1990).

Welcome to our Twin Peaks filming locations report.

Police station
The crew came back to most of the original locations in Washington state. The Sheriff's Department in North Bend has become a driving school.

It's near the remains of the Weyerhaeuser mill, the Packard Sawmill in the series that appeared in some episodes and in the original intro.
(You can open all the locations on Google Maps by clicking on the links below in the captions ↴)
Image courtesy of Showtime and Google Maps

Double R Diner
Twede's Cafe (also in North Bend) is better known to Twin Peaks fans as the Double R Diner. The famous traffic light was in the junction next door.
Image courtesy of Showtime - Map

The Salish Lodge location
It could not be missed The Salish Lodge and Spa next to the Snoqualmie Falls, as the exteriors for the Great Northern Hotel.
Image courtesy of Showtime - Map

Bang Bang Bar Twin Peaks
The mythical Bang Bang Bar is The Roadhouse Restaurant and Inn of Fall City.
Image courtesy of Showtime and Google Maps

Laura Palmer House
Laura Palmer's House is a private property at 708 33rd Street in Everett.
Image courtesy of Showtime and Google Maps

Mobile houses near Ronette Pulaski Bridge
The Fat Trout Trailer Park is not far from Ronette Pulaski's Bridge in Snoqualmie.
Image courtesy of Showtime - Map

Twin Peaks Season 3 Casino
The Silver Mustang Casino is in real life the Crowne Plaza and Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.
Image courtesy of Showtime and Google Maps

Dougie office
Dougie's office, where he stands fascinated looking at a cowboy gunman statue, is at Brand Boulevard with Monterey Road in Glendale (Los Angeles County).
Image courtesy of Showtime and Google Maps

Twin Peaks season 3 filming locations
According to some leaked pictures from the set, the production was filming on a property of North Fork Enterprises-Littlejohn in Snoqualmie.
Image courtesy of Showtime

Twin Peaks Motel
The Four Aces Movie Set, a Motel in Lake Los Angeles near Palmdale, is a new location for this Twin Peaks revival show.
Image by Google Maps

Dale Cooper house
The neighborhood where Cooper lands before prostitute Jade drops him at the casino (the Rancho Rosa Estates), it's located on Woodbank Way in Palmdale, California.
Image courtesy of Showtime - Map

Buckhorn in South Dakota
The fictional town of Buckhorn in South Dakota was probably filmed in California, although this shot is from Butte, Montana.

Some of the locations to be confirmed are Silverlake, Glendale, Palm Springs, the Mojave Desert, and the Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley.
Image by Google Maps

Twin Peaks theater scene
The eerie theater from episode 8, "Gotta Light?", is the historic Tower Theatre built in 1927 at 802 South Broadway in Los Angeles.
Image courtesy of Showtime - Map

New Twin Peaks locations
Also, Las Vegas and Paris are featured in this new third season of Twin Peaks.

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  1. Thx for the nice site Ra. The New Fat Trout from season 3 is at 227 Bendigo Blvd Nth

  2. The theatre from episode 8 (and also Mulholland Dr) is Tower Theatre, 802 South Broadway LA.

  3. I suspect that Cooper and Diane are on the highway that leads to Hoover Dam in Episode 18 - anybody know? Tehre are Joshua Trees.

    1. That is Mt.Emma road in Little Rock,California.

  4. The Vegas police station where the Fusco Brothers were and where Tom Sizemore went to get the drugs is the old Glendale Police Station at Wilson and Isabel.

  5. Hi, I have put together an exhaustive list of Studio Zone Twin Peaks locations on this Google Sheet. There is also a link to the list as a Google Map.

  6. Episode 6 park is Lake Balboa park in Los √Āngeles. I live in lake balboa (:

  7. The interiors for the Roadhouse in series 3 is The Woman's Club in South Pasadena :)


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