The Bloodline house: Where was Bloodline filmed? Filming Locations Guide

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Trouble in paradise - The Bloodline location is a gorgeous wonderland that becomes a hell for a dysfunctional wealthy family. This is the series where it's almost impossible to take sides with any character, as almost everybody is a bit rotten inside.

The Rayburns are getting up to all kinds of trouble. This prevents them from enjoying the sensational outdoors where this Netflix production is set up. The third season is already here, and we've got a selection of the most remarkable filming locations for the darkest secrets of the clan.

Bloodline was filmed almost entirely on the tropical archipelago of the Florida Keys, more specifically on Islamorada. We tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, just in case you haven't finished watching the previous two seasons:

Bloodline Location
Every episode includes spectacular low-flying aerial shots of the Sunshine State keys. The Overseas Highway carries the U.S. Route 1, running from Key Largo to Key West for 113 miles. Image courtesy of Netflix

Bloodline House
The Bloodline House, the idyllic Rayburn House Inn is in real life the Pierre's Restaurant House, part of the exclusive Moorings Village & Spa in Islamorada. The production tried to keep everything local, filming as much as they could in this village and surroundings. Image courtesy of Netflix and Moorings Village - Map

Bloodline Islamorada
Kevin’s boatyard is the Coral Bay Marina in Islamorada. Also some other scenes with boats were shot at Robbie’s.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Rayburn House
The place where the two older brothers perform a key scene at the end of the first session, was shot at Long Key State Park. Image by Faungg

Bloodline Beach
Anne's Beach is the beautiful spot where the patriarch Robert goes kayaking.
Image by Katie Wheeler

Bloodline City
Lowry's fishing shop was set at Tackle Center of Islamorada.
Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Motel fish Florida
The Red Reef Motel was located at Stoneledge Paradise Inn, Key Largo.
Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

The bar club
Danny and Eric O’Bannon used to spend many nights and some scenes at the Caribbean Club in Key Largo.
Image by Jenni Konrad

Where is Bloodline set
Several scenes were filmed at the Green Turtle Inn restaurant in Islamorada.
Image by Google Maps

Florida Keys waterhole
The OceanView Inn & Sports Pub (Islamorada) was also used for a few shots.
Image by Google Maps

The crashed plane bar
There are so many bars, pubs and restaurants appearing in Bloodline... the Hog Heaven Sports Bar (from the last episode of season 2), is the last one to be added to a long list including Atlantic’s Edge, Pierre’s Restaurant, The Whistle Stop Pub and Mangrove Mike's Cafe in Islamorada, Cafe Moka and Sunrise Cuban Market & Cafe in Tavernier, Gilbert's Tiki-Bar in Key Largo and Alabama Jack’s in Homestead. Image courtesy of Netflix - Map

Viva Caputa burned eatery
Danny's failed Viva Caputa restaurant is a building at 1555 Washington Ave in Miami Beach. Also some interior sets were built in a sound stage in Homestead on the mainland. Image courtesy of Netflix and Google Maps

Christ of the Abyss
The Christ of the Abyss is an underwater sculpture that appears briefly in the first season, located at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo.

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  1. Hi and thanks for these photos and addresses, they are very helpful! :) One thing - Please correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that "The Rayburn House" is The Blue Charlotte House in real life? If so, I think you have a wrong picture of "The Rayburn House" in the beginning of this story (second photo from the top)? Your picture is showing Pierre's Restaurant House, right? These two houses look alike but Pierre's don't have grass in front of it as Blue Charlotte House does.

    1. I noticed that too. Incorrect picture. Close, but no cigar!

  2. You are right!! Houses are almost identical , except the grass

  3. My friend and I spent a few day checking out a lot of the filming locations in Islamorada and the keys a couple of weeks ago and got lots of pictures. We hit Alabama Jack's, Kevin's Boatyard, Robbies, The Whistle Stop, The Moorings Village, the Ocean View, Turtle Inn and The Caribbean Club in Key Largo. We have a lot of pics if anyone is interested. The locals and employees were always happy to share what went down during shooting at their locations, it was a lot of fun!


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