Filming Locations: Where was Prison Break filmed?

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The original Prison Break series ran from 2004 to 2009 on FOX, so it's been a while since last time we watched the brothers making their way out to freedom. This new bunch of episodes is considered to be the fifth season of the show, although it has also been called Prison Break: Sequel, Resurrection, or even Revival.

So pick up your favourite name and let's follow Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller reprising their roles as Lincoln and Michael. This time it's not just about breaking out of prison, the goal is to break out of the country itself.

Prison Break was filmed around Vancouver (Canada) and in Morocco. Here is a selection of some of the most relevant locations for this new season. As always, we will be updating this report as we get more info and more episodes are aired:
Where was Prison Break filmed
Michael is alive and sound in a prison in Yemen, with extraordinary views to the skyline of Sana'a. This is the beautiful capital of a country immersed in a war, that Western media seem not very interested to talk about.
Image courtesy of Fox

Prison Break filming locations
The production spent three weeks filming in Morocco, in Casablanca, Rabat and Ouarzazate. In Ouarzazate is located the Ibn Al-Haytham Technical school (pictured), that served as the Yemeni penitentiary. Ouarzazate is also home of the Atlas Film Studios. Image courtesy of Fox

Prison Break Morocco
Moreover, sets of the jail were also built at Burnaby’s Bridge Studios and Safeway Distribution Centre (British Columbia). Image courtesy of Fox

Prison Break locations
The scenes in a railway station were also shot in Canada, near the vintage wagons of the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver. By the way, actually there are no trains in Yemen. Image courtesy of Fox and Stephen Rees

Prison Break film location
The Chinese J.B.'s Sandwich Bar in Vancouver became a coffee restaurant in the Middle East.
Image courtesy of FOX and Google Maps

Where is Prison Break shot
Sara’s house in New York State is located in a private residence at 1990 West 19th Avenue (Vancouver).
Image by Google Maps

Where does Prison Break take place
You can find Lincoln's house at 2314 Ontario Street.
Image courtesy of FOX and Google Maps

Prison Break drehort
Also the Mountain View Cemetery was used for filming.
Image by Albert Lynn

Prison Break Vancouver
A scene from the first episode was shot at the Vancouver International Airport.
Image by Fujitariuji

Prison Break shooting location
Another confirmed location according to is the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club in West Vancouver.
Image by Jeff Hitchcock

Where is Prison Break set
Prison Break was filming in several streets and buildings in New Westminster. Some of them are the City Hall (pictured), the Anvil Centre and the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Image by Dennis S. Hurd

Locations for Prison Break
In Coquitlam the TV show was spotted shooting in the area of the Riverview Mental Hospital, and near Mary Hill Bypass. Image by Greg Salter

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  1. 2369 S Beverly Glen Blvd is the condo from the 4th season, the gate corporation hideout apartment used by t-bag.


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