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Point Break 2 Locations
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Do you remember the gang of bank robbers and crazy surfers, played by Patrick Swayze and the undercover FBI agent Keanu Reeves? The cult film of 1991 is back, in a remake where the action is going to be expanded also to wingsuit flying, BASE jumping, snowboarding, free rock climbing, and motorcycling.

These sports aren't only sports, they are very dangerous things to do. And for the movie they are not executed by stuntmen, but by the best athletes from all over the world in each of these extreme disciplines. This way, a series of ultimate ordeals (as they are called in the film), are integrated into a story that gives continuity to the movie. So don't be surprised if at some (break) point, the plot becomes secondary. Just enjoy these incredible performances, as they are for real!

The filming locations of this new Point Break are also not short of superlatives: From the jungle in Venezuela and Mexico, to the surfing Mecca of Tahiti and Hawaii, not forgetting the landscapes and mountain highs in Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. Counting all the places, including some minor locations, the movie was filmed in up to 11 different countries:

Point Break Waterfall
Adrenaline runs high in the Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall, located in Venezuela. The characters are free climbing this tropical wonder, with a height of 3,212 feet. Image by Diagonal Uno

Point Break Hole location
Can you see these holes far away in the ground? The goal is to dive into the pit known as the Cave of Swallows.
Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

Point Break Cave
Located in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí, this is considered one of the biggest and most beautiful vertical caves in the planet. Image by Edgar Garcia

Point Break Filming Locations
In the Cave of the Swallows could fit the Eiffel Tower: It's shaped like a bottle. The outer opening has an expand of only 200 feet of diameter, while the base of the cave is three times wider. The depth of the pit has more than 1,200 feet. Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

Check this video out: This place has become a popular destination for tourists and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Point Break Wingsuit Location
The town of Walenstadt and the Churfirsten mountain range in Switzerland are also a world class destination for BASE jumping in wingsuit. Image by Jean-Louis Pitteloud

Point Break Mountain Location
This breathtaking natural setting is completed by Lake Walen at the bottom of the valley.
Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

Point Break 2015 film locations
Look at the break in the hillside in the middle of the photo: These guys flew into this narrow gorge known as The Crack. Image by Patrick Nouhailler

Point Break Switzerland
To film this complex and dangerous sequence for Point Break, the team repeated the jump up to 60 times.
Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

Point Break Austria
In Austria, das Steinhaus (the stone house) of Günther Domenig near the Lake Ossiacher (in Carinthia), was used to shot some sequences. Image by Calin Chiorean and Alcon Entertainment

Point Break filmed
Hall in Tirol is a village also in Austria, but in the film is doubling as the Italian town of Tofana. Here were filmed some rather relaxed action scenes. Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

Point Break where filmed
We move to Aosta valley (Italy), in the area not far from the iconic Mont Blanc, for some crazy snowboarding.
Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

Point Break shooting locations
According to a local newspaper, the movie was filmed between Valgrisenche (Aiguille de la Grande Sassière) and Courmayeur (Petit Mont Blanc, glacier Lex Blanches, glacier La Brenva and Punta Helbronner (pictured).
Image by Simona

Point Break Italy
Still in Italy, we move to the easternmost side of the Alps to visit the Dolomites near Cortina d’Ampezzo.
Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

Point Break sequence
In the previous image, at the right behind the actors, you can recognize the unique shape of the Lagazuoi mountain. Image by Apetitu

Point Break drehorte
The production crew was also shooting in the area of the Falzarego Pass panoramic road.
Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

Point Break bikes location
Here takes place a chase scene with motorcycles.
Image by Masa Sakano

Point Break Utah
The other shocking sequence including bike riding was performed in a barren landscape called Swing Arm City, near Caineville, Utah. Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

Point Break Motocross
The film director, Ericson Core, said that this place is the Holy Grail of American motocross racing.
Image by Dan Hobley

2015 Point Break Surf Location
The chosen locations for the surf sequences were Peahi Maui in Hawaii, (where is the legendary big wave break called Jaws), and in village of Teahupo'o, on the island of Tahiti. Two helicopters were surfing the waves, recording takes for Point Break. Image courtesy of Alcon Entertainment

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