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The geography of the USA is presenting yet another unique and twisted landscape to discover. White Pocket is located in a remote area of the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Due to the difficult access to the area, it doesn't receive many visitors yet. Also it has been a bit overshadowed by other famous neighboring attractions, like The Wave in Coyote Buttes.

You can find all the practical stuff about how to go to White Pocket and a map, in the link included at the end of this post. Now we just sit back and enjoy these selected photographs:

White Pocket
It's time to say thanks and hello to Marijana Bulatovic, who discovered me this awesome place.
Image by John Fowler

Three in White Pocket Arizona
Marijana also gave me some advice: Try to be there for the sunset. If you go at noon, that's no good for photography. Image by Dave Soldano

How to go visit White Pocket
But the best it's to have both sunset and dawn: stay for the night!
Image by John Fowler

The Wave
To go to White Pocket you don't require an advance permit, as you do to visit the famous The Wave.
Image by John Fowler

South Coyote Buttes
So you better go before the park management limits access, at some point soon. This image belongs to the nearby South Coyote Buttes. Image by John Fowler

White Pocket Landscape
The variety and shapes of the sandstone formations are out of this world.
Image by Jason Corneveaux and John Fowler

White Pocket Vermilion Cliffs
We are in Arizona, but the base camp to visit White Pocket is the town of Kanab, already in Utah.
Image by Marijana Bulatovic.

rock wave surfer
When it rains, it has to be quite dangerous here...
Image by Mikka Pineda

How to go to White Pocket
For directions to the White Pocket and practical information, you can check this page. Disney's Stargirl movie is set in Mica, Arizona. Image by John Fowler


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