Duxford: Beautiful technology from Hell

Infernal machines that seem out of a pre-nuclear war disaster movie, next to some of the most intricate and amazing creations even invented, all of them able to make one of the oldest mankind dreams possible: flying.

The Imperial War Museum Duxford near Cambridge in UK may not be Disneyworld. However, a visit worth not only to see a key part of recent history itself, but also beyond any other consideration, to leave your imagination... fly.

A phantom from the past. Neither from Starwars nor Firefox: these Blackbird served as a fast reconnaissance aircraft in the Cold War era. Image by Amy Lloyd

American Air Museum
American Air Museum. Five huge hangars are hosting one of the largest and finest collections of airplanes and other vehicles -from tanks to submarines- in the world. Image by Nick Garrod

Skyfall. From inside, some hangars look like the place where all James Bond artifacts have been kept.
Image by Nick Garrod

Duxford Map
Toy Box. The plan of the AirSpace pavilion at the left, and the American Air Museum at the right. Do you recognize these figures? Do you know which one is the mythical Concorde?

Duxford Museum
Up and down. A double view inside the American collection.
Image by Andrew Stawarz

Spitfire Duxford
The spiritual home of the Spitfire. This legendary planes not only helped Britain to resist Hitler's mighty Luftwaffe, they are also beautiful flying machines. Image by Dave Miles

Spitfire vs
Superior design. Basically, the Spitfire's characteristic shape, with its elliptical wings, gave to the Royal Air Force the top speed necessary to scape to fight another day the larger German squadrons when things got nasty.
Image by Andy Leonard

Spitfire vs Mustang
Better times. Nowadays they go out to play with their American friends, the Mustangs.
Image by Andy Leonard

Flying Fortress
Flying Fortress. The original bomber used in the film Memphis Belle is one of the stars of Duxford. Some historic aircrafts can be rent for film or television work. Image by Andy Leonard

Svastika Nazi
Svastikas. It's a fact that any story talking about Nazis or Hitler becomes more popular, so here we go.
Image by Amy Lloyd

Nazi Plane
Crashed and caught. A Messerschmitt is displayed as it was captured in Battle of Britain exhibition.
Image by David Merrett

Flying legends
Flying legends. Not only museum pieces, many planes are maintained and prepared for flight.
Image by Dean Searle

Duxford Air Shows
Air shows. Duxford has a regular calendar of top events where you can see these airplanes in action.
Image by Andy Leonard

Duxford Cambridge
Chose one.
Image by Banerias

Top Gun Plane
Top Gun. Of course, also modern fighters like this F-16 participate in the shows.
Image by Andy Leonard

Rommel The Desert Fox
Desert Fox. You may encounter some entertainers, not exactly like Mickey Mouse.

Plane Second World War
Men at work. Don't miss out the many hangars and workshops where the industrious restoration work takes place.

Battle of Britain
Airfix for grownups. Some more spray and it will be airworthy again.

Imperial War Museum Duxford
Eye for detail. Duxford can be also a source of inspiration for artists and designers. As it could be for the creator of R2-D2. Image by Clifton Beard, Fras1977, David Bailey and Andrew Stawarz

Air porn. Quite hardcore for the forties.
Image by Andy Leonard

Sky Heart
From Duxford with love.



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