20 ice landscapes and 20 million penguins

Mount Erebus
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Enjoy this cocktail on the rocks as winter approaches (if you are living in the Northern Hemisphere), featuring icebergs, glaciers and other deep-frozen goodness from the six continents.

Above, we open with Mount Erebus, a living volcano of ice and fire in Antarctica.

Operation Iceberg
Penguins attempting a dominoes world record in Erebus and Terror Gulf, Antarctica.
Image by Martha de Jong-Lantink and August Allen

Antarctica Penguins
Jumping into the sea in Brown Bluff, at the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.
Image by Martha de Jong-Lantink

Antarctic iceberg
Icebergs are nomads of the Arctic oceans, like this spaceship-shaped one.
Image by Polar Cruises

Ice landscapes
Did you know that there are only penguins in the South Pole, and polar bears in the North Pole?
Image by Polar Cruises

Frozen Planet
Some icebergs are like gigantic floating sculptures of ephemeral art.
Image by Marina1192

Iceberg Titanic
The iceberg that sank the Titanic is not this one. It has no paint marks.
Image by Polar Cruises

Bagley Icefield
Bagley Icefield, Alaska from the air.
Image by Denali

Operation Iceberg
It looks like the fantastic Iceberg lakes of BBC's Operation Iceberg, from Store Glacier of Greenland.
Image by Denali

Iceberg Lake
Bagley Ice Valley is part of the immense Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.
Image by Denali

The polar ice rim in Svalbard Archipelago, Norway.
Image by United Nations Photo

Svartifoss, the black waterfall of Iceland. The filming location of the Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga house shouldn't be to far away. Image by Arnar Valdimarsson

Fox Glacier
What about hiking inside a glacier like Fox in New Zealand?
Image by Steve and Jem Copley

Franz Josef Glacier
The scenic Franz Josef Glacier (New Zealand) on a misty day.
Compare its size with the tiny group of people below on the right.

Kamchatka volcano
Inside the crater of Mutnovsky Volcano, in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia.
Image by Einar Fredriksen

Nepal Glacier
Thulagi Glacier, part of the Manang Mountain Range, Nepal.
Image by DFID

Nepal landscape
The sacred lakes of Gokyo, Nepal.
Image by Ivan Borisov

Kilimanjaro Glacier
Furtwängler Glacier, around the hills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
Image by Mouser Williams

Ventisquero Negro
Ventisquero Negro is the black glacier of Argentina.
Image by Señor Hans

The spectacular Queulat Hanging Glacier, Chile
Image by Cavertingo

Exploradores Glacier
A deep pool in Exploradores Glacier, Chile.
Image by Felipe Cancino

Mount Edith Cavell
Mount Edith Cavell (Canada), with Angel Glacier at the top and Cavell Glacier next to the lake.
Image by Thomas Plessis

Cavell Glacier
Ice cave inside Cavell Glacier, Canada.
Image by Banco de Imágenes Geológicas

Perito Moreno
Perito Moreno (Argentina), probably the most famous glacier in the world.
Image by Dave Lichterman

Aletsch Glacier (Switzerland), is the ice motorway of the Alps.
Image by Matthias Burch

If you really love icebergs, there's nothing like living in picturesque Tasiilaq, Greenland.
Image by David Astley

penguin joke
Do you know any jokes about penguins?
Image by Scott Henderson

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