Plitvice Lakes: The most beautiful natural parks Europe?

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No doubt this is one of the top natural parks in Europe, a star in this Mediterranean region, although not yet as popular as it could become. Find out why looking at this selection of the best images from this astonishing symphony of blues, greens and water. The lakes are famous for their variety of colors, that change all the time depending on the composition of the waters, and on the quality of light.

This enchanted kingdom of water is located in Croatia, a former Yugoslavian territory, not far from the Adriatic sea, and it was registered at the early date of 1979 among one the first UNESCO World Heritage natural sites worldwide.

Plitvice Lakes
The park has sixteen lakes interlinked by cascades.
Image by Oissaly

Underwater trees
Sunken trees in sparkling waters create a spectacle hard to forget.

Plitvička jezera
The paths are very well designed, not only taking you across gorgeous scenes, but also preventing visitors from getting everywhere. Image by Lorca56

If you pay a little attention, you can see other types of wrecks.
Image by GrObIgOu!

Falling lakes
The lakes are falling one after another, on a slope of about a hundred and fifty meters (five hundred feet), between the one at the top to the lower lake at the end of the system.
Image by Magnus von Koeller

Plitvička jezera
Here is a combo of panoramic shots...

Panoramic waterfall
The water doesn't always take the same paths. I hope that you like waterfalls, because now there are a few ones coming...

Plitvicer Seen
Plitvice may look like an enchanted fairy tale forest, but it was also the setting of an incident which triggered a war. This nature's paradise is located only a few kilometres from the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

laghi di Plitvice
In March 1991, Serbs faced Croats for control of the park, causing the first two casualties (one each side) of the Croatian War of Independence. Image by Tom Sartain

Jezior Plitwickich
It is also a photographer's paradise.
Image by Sergiu Bacioiu

The area is a refuge for a wide variety of wild animals.
Image by Szefi

Plitvické jazerá
Swimming and fishing is strictly forbidden to protect this fragile ecosystem.
Image by Emmanuel Tabard

Forest delight
The forests surrounding the lakes are another delight.
Image by Eugene Orlov

Plitvická jezera
All seasons are good for visiting the park, like in autumn, without many tourists and with red color as a bonus.
Image by Tomislav Car

Hanging Gardens of Babylon
The new Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Jah!
Image by OaklandNative

Large waterfall
After the springtime, the green takes over the large waterfall (78 meters), at the Lower Lakes zone.
Image by StephYo

Do not do
Test your observation skills: try to identify and remember in less than five seconds what you can't do while in the park.

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