Buddha Park in Vientiane: Experience Nirvana

Buddha Park
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Take a look inside this mystical garden, a site that begs to be the setting of a horror story or the venue for a visionary trip.

There are two Buddha Parks, very close to each other, but in different countries. The original one is in Laos, outside the capital. The second one was built at the other side of the border with Thailand, after its founder escaped from the new communist regime created in 1975. In this post we are having enough visiting only the park on the Laos side.

Gods and demons
Gods and demons from Hindu tradition are the charismatic characters of the place. The park was built in 1958.
Image by Yeowatzup and Cyborgwardt

reclining Buddha
You might think that this reclining Buddha is meditating or having a nap. But according to tradition, he is actually preparing for his death and entering Nirvana. Image by Middric

The lion's den
The lion's den. Or should we say... welcome to the haunted house!

Haunted house
The inside of this 'building', is representing heaven, earth and hell. It is worthy of the most sinister theme park.
Image by Juliansong

Guardian spirits
The kids are the real guardian spirits of the place.

Sculptures destroyed
Part of the sculptures seem to have been smashed under the cover of darkness, and have a look even more gruesome.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

These skulls have a Mexican flair.
Image by Many Moon Honeymoon

Hayao Miyazaki giant
A giant with very expressive eyes, reminiscent of the robots from Hayao Miyazaki films.

Buddha monk
And of course, there are colorful monks wrapped in orange.

Xieng Khuan
If you would like to know more about this place, you can also search for Xieng Khuan or the name of the creator of this park, Bunleua Sulilat. Image by LightOnDude


It used to be a public bus going there (number 14), the same in route to the friendship bridge, in the border with Thailand.
Unfortunately this bus doesn't run anymore due to the bad road condition, please check for the latest update in Wikitravel.

  1. Wierd places. Haven't seen anything quite like this. The ancient Cham site near Hoi An in Viet Nam was Hindu but more classic in style. Perhaps I can include these places with a trip to Angkor Wat, which IS on my bucket list.

    Good idea for a travel site, Ra. Lots out there!

    Bob T

    1. Buddha is supreme. He was the enlightened one. This land is offered or shared for the blessed one. Sadhu sadhu sadhu.

  2. Near Hoi An, Do you mean My Son?
    oh, you're gonna like them both, Cambodia and Laos. Just let me know if you need some info, if I can help you...
    Btw, that's the very first comment of the blog, thanks!)

  3. I was there in December and the place look nice the insides of the 'shrine' got me a little scared, i got lost couldn't find the staircase.
    It's advisable to find people and rent out a TUK TUK for 60,000Kip. The Tuk Tuk we had could fit up to 8 people but it was just 4 of us, its good for convenience.
    Whilst driving there we saw a green bus with a Japanese flag written 146 and stopped right infront of the park, maybe thats the bus number

  4. Yep, inside the 'shrine' feels like being in an abandoned labyrinth of a terror movie... Thanks for your update!


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