Bridgeville: Where is The Mist filmed? - Filming Locations for The Mist Tv Series

The Mist is a new 10-episode series based on Stephen King’s 1984 bestseller, about a little town cut off from the world after a mysterious killer mist surrounds it. Several groups of people end up trapped in different places. The basic functions of the town are no longer working and survival instincts bring human nature to the limit.

The cast is headed by Alyssa Sutherland (Queen Aslaug from Vikings), Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under, American Horror Story), Isiah Whitlock, Kevin Copeland, Darren Pettie, Romaine Waite and Gus Birney.

The story is set in Bridgeville, a small village in Maine. However, this new adaptation of The Mist was filmed in Nova Scotia in Canada over a six-month period. We will be updating this post with new information about the filming locations as more info is released:

The Mist location
The series was filmed entirely in Nova Scotia, mainly in and around The Mist base in Halifax.
Image courtesy of Spike

The Mist City
The production used as studio an abandoned Target store located in Bedford Place Mall. According to Halifax Magazine, the crew built there up to 10 sets, including a sewer system, forest sets and replicas of rooms of a Dartmouth house they filmed in. Image courtesy of Spike

The Mist Bridgeville
We didn't find any church like this in Nova Scotia, so we reckon that it may have been built in a studio too (the mist is definitely easier to fake indoors). Images courtesy of Spike

where does The Mist take place
The town of Windsor was used for some exterior shots like this one with Morgan driving around Bridgeville.
Image courtesy of Spike and Google Maps

Where is The Mist set
The Mist was doing some exterior shoots on location at Lockview High School in Fall River.
Image courtesy of Spike and Verne Equinox

where was The Mist filmed
Is it anyone from Nova Scotia that can tell us Which of the thousands of lakes of the region is this one?
Images courtesy of Spike

Where was The Mist shot
A place at Via Rail station was used as a hospital set, but the lobby was built in the old Rona building near Bayers Lake.

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  1. Interior church shot looks like St.Paul's church in Dartmouth.


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