5 Good Reasons to Visit Changi Village in the Far End of Singapore

Changi Village in the sunset
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After landing in Singapore, it can be hard to decide where to start your trip in this compelling and massive city-state. There is a lot to see and to do in the modern and developed Asian metropolis. Also many Westworld Season 3 filming locations were filmed here. Located at the far end of Singapore, we recommend you not to miss Changi Village - you will be surprised with the wonderful combination of possibilities offered by this unique neighborhood.

First of all, Changi Village (that used to be called Tanjong Rusa) has a rich history dating back a couple of centuries ago. In the early days of the 20th century, the town had only a hotel and a bunch of fishermen. Nowadays, Changi has been transformed into a bustling spot with numerous attractions and activities for the joy of locals and visitors alike.

Changi Beach
1- Changi Beach - The village is the home of the famous pristine sandy beach, a perfect setting for romance. Families will also enjoy the serenity of the place, not as busy as Sentosa beach. Order a cocktail, seat and relax.
Images courtesy of Abdul Rahman and Peter Nguyen

The fishermen boats
2- The Food - Changi village has a busy hawker's market that serves an outstanding variety of local seafood dishes. It's simple and that is what makes it so unique. Talk to the local hawkers and discover a few more interesting things about their lifestyle. Image courtesy of Edwin Lee

Changi Point Coastal Boardwalk
3- Changi Point Coastal Boardwalk - Walking along the coast is the best way to be amazed by the charm of this place. The Singapore authorities have worked hard to build and maintain this 2.2 km walkway: Enjoy the beaches, cliffs, and all the appealing coastal landscapes of the region of Changi Village.
Image courtesy of Viral Butani - Map

Changi Museum
4- Changi Museum - Your trip to the far end of Singapore will not be complete without visiting this interesting museum. As you explore the art, pictures, and other historic artifacts, you will learn a lot about Singapore and the wars fought to protect the city's independence and freedom. Image courtesy of Jnzl's Photos - Map

The seashore in the night
5- Excellent Accommodations - As you tour the area, the hotels and villas equipped with modern facilities and the best of Singaporean hospitality will make you and your family feel like at home. Let your agent make a reservation for you to make sure that it's not fully booked!
Image courtesy of Randy Tan Travelogue


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